I Have Read…

I have not given a reading update in a while. I have fallen behind my goal because of reading large books and working here so much. As we are shut-in, it occurs to me reading is a way to break out. There are so many books and so little time. I encourage you to find something that excites you and put yourself in a book. By the way, the links are with the titles.

How to Write Poetry by Cynthia Sharp on Kindle Unlimited was a short read with just some quick inspiration. It is geared to learners and teachers with some excellent ideas that could be employed in a workshop setting. I gave it 5 stars and think you might find it worthwhile.

Now, Then and Everywhen by Rysa Walker on Kindle First, but available on Unlimited is a Time Travel Novel, which you may recall I am a connoisseur. This book hit all the numbers. The writing was spot on, the characterization was immersing, the settings and happenings were seamlessly researched and imagined, and the plot – I am leaving that for your exploration. I was impressed by this one, it gets a 5, and I say you should not miss it.

The Guilty Die Twice by Don Hartshorn was a request reading, which I rarely do because my TBR shelves are almost galaxy size. The book is available on Kindle Unlimited. It was a treat. I seldom read legal thrillers, but this story was so well done; it kept me enthused all the way through. Estranged brothers, both lawyers, a compelling case, non-stop action. The writing was clean and the story in league with the NYT Bestsellers. I give it 5 stars and a huge recommendation.

Devoted by Dean Koontz, who is one of my all-time favorites, the man writes. This was on Kindle Unlimited, and in fact, is only with limited availability. Time-sensitive, if they do not change it. There are bad guys, heroes, a boy, and a dog. I would say more, but you need to read this for yourself. This is a ten all the way, but we deal with 5s, so it is a high 5.

The Museum of Desire by Jonathan Kellerman, hardcover borrowed from the library. This is a detective novel with a psychological expert on board. A lot happens, it is very well written and told with finesse. I just finished it this morning, and I am still somewhat involved. I think you will like it, and maybe find it a bit creepy, 5 stars, get it, read it.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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