Creativity Now

If you are fortunate enough to have some extra time in your schedule now, I want to encourage you to spend a portion of your day engaged in a type of creativity:

You might want to write your observations of this time in a journal or create poetry and stories that are entirely unrelated. If you have ever had the ambition to write a book, perhaps this is your ideal time.

Photographers might enthuse themselves with taking photos of a scene over some interval of days, and look at the changes, or use them in layers combined for an HDR effect.

Artists might find ordinary items in the household and anthropomorphize those objects, even working them into a cartoon or short animated movie.

For those who have culinary desires, now might be the perfect time to delve into grandma’s recipes or that book you never opened and do some food magic.

Those musicians who need some practice could try something they have never gotten around to, or write some new songs that would surely receive a warm welcome the first time they are performed.

Computer programmers and other computer geeks, this is your time to code your own project until your heart is content.

Readers, this is the time to explore everything you choose. Go everywhere, everywhen, everyhow, you wish all within the covers of books or the pages of eBooks.

Of course, any of the above could engage children or pets as subjects in work, also involving children so they better understand what can be done creatively is a valuable learning activity.

I am confident if you look at this time from the perspective of opportunity that you will find inspiration and things to explore creatively. Time is only wasted when we fail to recognize its value. These are a few ideas, I am sure you have more if you allow.

Take care, be well, God Bless You!

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Advice from a Homebody

You can skip this if you have it all under control, but since many of you find yourselves sequestered at home, and I am a bit of an expert at staying in, I thought I might have something that would help.

Probably as you went into this, your housework was reasonably under control. As you are making a transition to quarantine, especially if you have kids, you might let yourself ease up a little bit. I say this so you can take time to adjust. Some movies, music, books, writing, may make being home easier. This is not to say let all your housework go, just set your standards for comfort.

If you have puzzles, coloring books, beading, drawing paper, crayons, colored pencils, pens, paper, blank cards, board games, cameras, things to repair or build, this would be a time to use them. If you find yourself homeschooling, these can be utilized as rewards for finishing assignments. If you join the kiddos, it will also be a bonding experience in a time of tension.

It might be an excellent time to launch a blog or website if you have been considering it. Both WordPress and Blogger are reasonably easy to start. I prefer WordPress. There are others as well, I just mention two I have used.

If your kids are home, now is a great time to get them involved in the chores, which they may typically find ways to shirk. You do not have to be a harsh taskmaster, just tie fun screen time to task completion.

If you need additional resources for educational materials, many of the colleges have things you can access for free. Coursera is a service tied to top universities that allows auditing courses without a fee.

Almost all of us could increase our activity. For low impact, walking is the best and can be done as a family. In eating, you may find the Yummly app has some suggestions which help you add variety when supply is limited.

To lower stress and anxiety limit your news content, and if your social media is caustic, take some breaks.

Books are everyone’s best friends at a time like this. Reading can help you soothe your mind, and with kids, it helps extend their concentration and attention span. If you have pre-readers, by all means, read to them. You can read their books, and you can also share your reads. This exposes them to the rhythms of language and vocabulary they may not have encountered.

Go outside. It is that simple. Find time in nature.

I will try to post some writing prompts and exercises over these days. I remind you everyone is creative. You have an ideal opportunity to explore what creativity means to you at this time.

If you have questions, I am fully willing to help.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Maybe Today

We can spend time with
One another, talk, listen;
Pick up a book, magazine,
Newspaper, read good things.
On our pets, while they love us,
Play with a child, love them,
Read interesting storybooks, or
Make stories up together.
Color, draw, paint – something
Listen to music, sing along, or alone,
Pause some screen interaction,
See less bad news, avoid fear, panic,
We can discover an alcove of quiet
In whatever way we wish.
A long walk with mindfulness,
Bringing along a non-phone camera,
Writing letters to those we love,
Will treasure the gift of “real” mail.
We must not allow chaos, meanness,
In the public sphere to dictate
The persons we are and become.
Humans are able to transcend disasters,
Growing richer, better, more capable,
Polished, polite, kindly, generous,
People of LOVE!
We can rise, creating,
A world
Of possibility and opportunity.


As a prompt, I encourage you to put the world aside, a while. Enjoy the people, the places, the things that enrich your existence. If you wish, engage your creativity and produce something. Or if you are as exhausted as we often become, rest. Blessings to you and yours. Peace amidst the turmoil.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Fall Out

I avoid going out
Because it makes me
But medical needs
Become primary,
Today knee shots,
Last four of a series
Of twelve, shorts, tee.
The need for things
Drove me to Sam’s Club,
It was CRAZY!
No paper goods at all
And lines worse than
During the holidays.
I kept not touching
My face with my hands,
But the wrist for hair
In my eyes, irritant.
At Kroger I made
Some lady mad,
I did not know why.
Got out of there
Quick time,
The place was a mess.
The disorder in both
Stores was disorienting.
Mailed a letter at the P.O.
In the drop.
Decided to have
Sanity was a factor.
The librarians asked
Where my bag was,
I have not been in
I stocked up on
You know, in case
Of apocalypse.
The fear out there
Was palpable,
The desperation
Was frightening,
The majority
Of people were
On the edge of control.
I stay home a lot,
Right now,
I think the pandemic
Has me working
On being home
More than usual.
It was peculiar
How the tension
Seemed near to
Boiling to the
It had no sense
Of understanding
It breathed meanness.
I was even more pleased
To return home than
I do not have a fully
Developed idea of how
This may go, but
You all that are
Out there every day
I am praying you
Stay safe.
The panic of a pandemic,
It seems well underway.


This was after the haircut.

Pardon me for writing about this today. It has been difficult settling and much on my mind. I am hoping others do not experience it as I did. I think I am set for a bit here.

The weather was beautiful today, which was a grace.

Maybe I will be back with something, or perhaps I will just settle myself. This has caused me much concern. I do not like to see the world fall into disarray.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Sometime After 12 AM

Sitting, covered by blankets,
Quilts, holding the chill at bay,
A pillow propping me almost,
Upright, with a journal carefully
Placed to catch the wily words
My handmade pen traces from
The interiors of mind’s gray matter
Planted like nourishing fruits,
Vegetables, ripening over time.
Books, pens, tablets, all close to
Hand for change in operation
Should some desperate need
Apply beyond the sweet tones
Broadcast through the speaker
Streaming what bathes me
In warmth, pleasure, peace,
Easing the shake that sometimes
Turns capable hands used to
Calming others into erratically
Fluttering light imprisoned moth
Wings beating away life’s color.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan