We are apt to die
Any way, any day, and
Our lives are fragile,
Blessings of mortality;
But we are also precious.
We love each other,
We sacrifice for causes
Or to help live love,
We cry, scream, hope, believe, dream,
And make things happen for good.
We are disposable,
Replaceable to some, but
If we take time, care,
We find everyone is rare;
Such that duplicates never exist.
For a task someone
May take another’s place, but
No one can be who
You are, with individual features,
Gifts, feelings, experience, love,
Dreams, passions, hopes, desires,
Creativity, expressions, modes of
Being in space and through time.
You are a Gift, a Priceless Treasure
Direct from the Heart of the Creator.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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