2022 Creativity Project – Feb. 1

I think I shall be happy to keep to date going forward.

Living Time

It could be Tuesday, though any day would do as well. Francis never thought to specify this time, and it had simply become too dangerous to stay when they were.

He did not often have Morgan with him on such jaunts, but he had invited her to engage in some tourism. Now he was more thoroughly convinced than before that he preferred her safely at home.

In his careful examination, it appeared that this snafu was due to no malfunction or mistake of his own. He cleared his reports, but those revealed that someone, somewhere, somehow, somewhen was purposefully ignoring his longstanding imperative directive on the methods and devices he held total responsibility for creating.

The misuse of proprietary developments was a severe problem. No one else could set the variables straight, and Francis entertained a suspicion even he might fail. It was an unprecedented disaster.

He realized earnest prayer was in order. Action must be taken with haste. It seemed a saboteur was in the machine, actively fooling with time.

Buds Awaiting © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Eagle in full flight
Knowing Earth is bountiful
Stretching forth talons
Spying the many creatures;
We aware power features.

I riffed on the thought that it was Tuesday in the depths of night, do something similar and create something. You could pick an object, sound, conversation, whatever catches your imagination.

Gratitude List
I am thankful:
1. I went outside without the dogs and took some photos.
2. Solitude.
3. Powerblocks.
4. Imagination.
5. Creativity.

I am so glad you chose to visit Haphazard Creative. If you will, please click the like button, follow the site, and come back often. I am in my second month of a year-long Creativity Project. Your comments, suggestions, and ideas are warmly welcomed. I do a prompt most days; check them out.

As always, all work on Haphazard Creative and Chronicles is © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan, unless otherwise indicated.

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