Hidden beneath such
A blanket of stars until
I was uncovered
And made to stand quite alone
Naked before an inquest
That tested all my limits
But still failed to define me.

I rest in rivers
Of unrealized splendor
Carrying no name
But that given to strangers
Who have few real possessions
Just remains of flesh and blood
Clothing bones soaked in fear.

I lost my last home
The world despises my face
For hungry eyes see
The wrong for which there can be
No justification, no
Pacifying, setting right,
I am cast outside of sight.

I am you, and you,
The blood flowing through our veins
Is the same, alike.
Though without country, this world
Accepts my pain, holding tight.
Someday, somewhere, will happen
My wayward soul shall take flight.

Beyond the horizon
Where originates all life
I will be welcome;
My time will become timeless,
I will wear a gown, pure white,
No pain will further follow,
No tears will track down my cheeks.

Meeting the Master
Will be my greatest delight,
I will then know peace,
Suffering will fall away
A home eternal will be
Finally given to me
No longer scorned, emigre.

© JoAnn J. A. Jordan
Friday, September 8, 2017

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