The local library, a crucial resource


In the quest to nurture our creativity the local library is one of the best places to begin. A library is a shrine to the expression of creative ideas. We can find the most current material or work which has come down through the centuries. All of it produced by humans similar to ourselves, giving us reassurance that our work can become a legacy shared through time and space. The greatest way to become immortal and affect history is to create something lasting.

Most libraries today are multimedia delights. These bastions of knowledge and entertainment contain books, eBooks, audiobooks, recordings, film, music, artwork to carry home and display for some time, computers for public use, Wi-Fi to connect our personal devices, and even more. Libraries are almost limitless with their ability to procure materials beyond their scope through an inter-library loan. Often talented community volunteers offer classes which teach new skills. Some workshops are also available at modest cost.

Librarians are a resource that our technology cannot rival. These specially trained, often highly educated, gatekeepers of the treasures we desire can provide and suggest materials with a  personal touch that no machine can match. They are well familiar with the assets within their domain, and they have the expertise to recommend interesting resources or quickly find whatever we need to locate. Love your librarians, if you can make friends with them.

The best advantage of a library is all it has to offer is ours to access without cost, absolutely free. There is no better deal on earth and should you not have a library card, make it a priority to get one.

Be advised libraries are places where one can while away a substantial amount of time, so plan accordingly.

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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