2017-09-09 Replenished

This is a free but somewhat formed poem created this morning on a 6×6 sheet of decorated paper that can be purchased in a slab from various craft stores. The marker is a brown Tombow, but it really cannot be distinguished from the scan.

It is always good to try different materials in our work. Sometimes it scales things in a way that challenges us to be more creative. Using handwriting brings a direct connection to the work that can seem lacking on an electronic device. Experimentation is a great way to open the mind to new ideas.

Everything in our environment has a creative purpose if we search it out. Thinking of ourselves as a genius writers, artists, photographers, musicians, or workers in any other discipline and doing what we would if we were getting paid as we probably desire creates a sense of esteem and clarity. What projects would we choose? What would we try that we have been afraid to do thus far? When would we work? How would we play? As much as possible we should make these things a part of our lives in the present. We do not have time to wait to begin living a life we love. We have all the elements of success in us right now. We must be that person as much as we can. Believe, and likely it will be received. Life gives us what we have already claimed.

Every moment of our lives is a creative opportunity, sometimes it happens haphazardly, knocking us from routine. We should welcome the impulse and give ourselves to it. We only have this life, and it speeds away from us every moment, so we are called to make the best of time, creating beauty to enrich the world.

As a quick prompt imagine yourself vacationing on a cruise ship and meeting someone you immediately like so much that you make something to give to them before you separate at the upcoming port. Have fun and surprise yourself.

Thank you so much for visiting Haphazard Creative. Your presence is an honor and blessing to me. I hope you gain some inspiration or encouragement. You may follow the website by clicking the button, and you will get updates of all posts. I hope you took time to do something creative today, or that you will. Take care and please come back again.

© JoAnn J. A. Jordan

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