The Whisper That Shouts

When language preaches
A soul-rending sermon, soft,
Or words get dressed up
To woo and seduce another,
When voices sing of beauty
Or rhyme appears clear
To paint syllables of the sky,
When cursing seems well
Placed, aptly, and fairly done.
Poignant protests raise applause
Revealing there exist, heroes,
Needing appropriate speeches,
Or a tearfully sad story
To be honored and well-told,
When the crowds pay tribute
To those who amaze, astound.
If one jettisons planetary bonds
The left behind, raw, broken wide open
Recite laments to tidy seeping wounds,
When a newborn enterprise
Is begun with much courage and hope,
Or plain and simple
Cries must be made for progress,
If people who feel life
Differently must be given a voice.
Ordinary words cannot address
Every occasion pregnant with love
Or fraught with the lace of fear, doubt,
But call for the gift of poetry,
The whisper that shouts.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2020.07.08 Converted Rose rr

As a prompt, exploring the meaning or purpose or love of poetry. Should you rather, explore whatever forms of creative expression you most enjoy.




I have this feeling
Creeping up from my cold feet
I am staring back

Creases on my brow
Keep growing with dull repeat
Of the news, I hear,
There is a revolution
I am caught in it, the retorts.

People falling down,
I will go without any
Pressure, lightly push.

Ice rink roundabout
Skates slipping on fuming tears
Not frozen, hot blood,
Lust, love, what is answering
The donkey or howling mutt?

The limelight can burn,
Like a flambeau set too close
Taking down the tent.

Nothing matters here,
Except I never ignore
Love is the reason;
Gunshots are just a symptom,
Of the virus, the malaise.

Love paints the portrait,
Rebels cut it down, rubbish,
The ashcan again.

Who I am, you are,
No invoice, no guarantee,
Ticket, play the game,
Sometimes it all runs aground,
No one tastes Heaven, a loss.

Still, racers will chase
Heavy lathered off the track
No turn, going back.

Every day a death
The dream left alone, uncaught,
Walking in deep snow
Left hanging over water,
Because one end is not enough.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I found a Playlist that seemed to move me in a sorta way. Lots of Bowie in it, and he always turns my brain.

Maybe I will come back with something sweet. I hope you are well. If you like it here at Haphazard Creative, consider following the site, or returning as you will.

As a prompt, set up some music you seldom listen to, maybe from an earlier period, then let it lead you wherever you are taken. Create something.

2020.07.08 Stairs rr


Sometimes I hurt so
It is like birthing babies
And I must have hope
When it is over, I will
Gain another greater life
Better than this one
Which withholds the victory
Just out of arm’s reach
Taunting me like false labor,
Taking, producing nothing.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2020.07.07 Park Tree Night rr

As a prompt, make beauty out of pain. Surely you have some of both lying around somewhere.

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I hope life finds you well and fortune smiles upon you. May peace be your comfort. God Bless.


Have Courage

The fight, it rages
For love to endure.
Be brave; the victory is
Why you are here.
No one can take
Your heart
It may break.
You are strong, hold on.
Defy the storm, or be it,
Whatever you see fit.
Be bold,
Live confidently.
Go on, try,
You can climb
The currents of sky.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Fear is a huge stumbling block for me. It takes my knees out often, so I cannot finish things I start or begin stuff I might be equipped to do. The Bible often exhorts us to have no fear. God provides. I guess it says it so frequently because God knows we are eaten up with doubts, worry, anxiety, fear. “False Evidence Appearing Real.” Unfortunately, I am plagued by the specter.

What do you fear? Can you look your fear straight on and aver it will not overcome you? Those could work as a prompt.

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Can We?

2020.07.04 Wagon in Snow Illustration rr

Can we give whole, a heart,
When our heart lies broken,
Shackled, shattered, torn?
Can we be free, when society
Enslaves us with cares, delusions,
Demands, restrictions, rules?
Can we love with full commitment;
When lovers stand shadows every eve,
Thick blood still pouring from internal wounds?
We can, we must, because we need
The reprieve we find through one another.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Just a heads up for those who may wonder, all the writing, artwork, photography, commentary, prompts, you find on Haphazard Creative is my creation. I may not always mark it, but still, it is mine.

If you need a prompt, see what you might derive from the above photo. That is a Radio Flyer from some years ago. Today I wish it would snow. Summer pains me. Anyway, get yourself out of the way and create something. Creation is an act of personal transformation and just possibly salvation from despair and dissolution.

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