Statement of Fact

Giving up would be
So easy, I can feel it,
Sneaking up behind,
But I have a strong message
For that life stealing demon
I do not back down, nor quit,
So take your torment away
And do not trouble me, mine,
Or you are surely
Bound to see this tigress break
The bars that hold me
From raging wild totally
Unleashed with power to shake your world
I am not one to give up
You go your way or have no way left.

This follows syllable counts some ways, but it would be termed free verse by most experts. It is an example of how emotion, defiance, can be brought into forceful expression in a poem.

Think of a struggle in life, refusing defeat, and write what comes. Create a storm of feeling on the page.

Thank you for visiting here at Haphazard Creative. I hope you will come back. Follow the site if you care to do it. I wish you lots of creativity and life unbound by negativity. Take care.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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