Redirect your day


Every day we experience a variety of emotions and moods. These influence and inspire our creativity. As an exercise, think about the sentiment or mood that dominated the day. Go back into that state, if only in thought. Pick something that seemed to cause it and explore that a few minutes.

When the feeling is dominant create a character or begin a work of art that displays the emotion or mood and see how it works out. Let this be an imagined creation, not based on reality. Write or work as long as is comfortable, then continue a bit more. Often when we go beyond our limits and push ourselves, we will find an unexpected breakthrough wherein the genius lies.

This is a way to integrate creativity into our lives and sometimes find resolutions to problems or situations we are struggling to solve. The creative impulse not only allows us to do works we imagine, but it helps us deal with the things that trouble our days. It is a major contributor to our happiness and success. No one finds a new way forward without engaging creativity in their lives. Innovation is always sparked by the efforts of creative imagination.

Our goals going forward should mingle our creative imagination with our engagement with reality, so that our days may become more joyful and happiness filled.

I hope this has sparked your imagination to create something. It is my wish to encourage and inspire you. Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative. There is a button which allows you to follow the website. Please come back often. Fill your days with moments of creativity, and you will find life more rewarding and less trying. Take care.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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