Numbers (Less is More)

Honestly, I can
Think of no situation
In which “less is more.”

I wonder, tell me, does
It apply to that unsolvable
Problem of mathematics?
See, if you add math, I can
I would happily
Live my life completely
Math free,
I mean, I dabble in it
Because I must,
But it seems to me
No matter what I do
I do not possess
Of the properly delineated
Often when I chase down
Numbers they outrun or
Evade me, or if I have
Somehow gained a lot,
There is another party reaching
Out wanting my reserve,
I scarcely realize Math worked
And the numbers were indeed mine.

So, YES, “Less is More”
If you can keep subtraction from
Your numbers, and add to them
Every day,
Keep bodies far from stores
And websites that ask for spend,
Or anything that debits you accounts
Gradually or rapidly until they are

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Several days ago, the prompt on Prompted Positive Poetry was “Less is More.” I did not have anything for this until I began writing. It occurred to me as I worked that this was a Math Word Problem. I basically hate Math, but I can get by. 

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