2022 Creativity Project – Day 26

Preliminary – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Hand in hand
Heart to heart
Ourselves brought
Together though life
In many extremes, tries
Its best to part us.

Starting anew, we two
With bright hopes
Pockets full of dreams
To take us, whatever
Happens to wherever
We share our story.

You and me
Meant to be
To weather storms
In harmony forever,
Loving as we always are.

Create something about relationships in some form in any iteration: Man to Man, Woman to Woman, Man to Woman, Woman to Pet, Man to Pet, Person to Machine, Person to Device, or other. If you can make it comic, extra points.

Yeah, No, Yeah

Dive into the pool
Only where the water is deep
If you can swim at
The end of depths uncovered
By problems made clear as night.

This is not the place,
For hasty sham politics
Freedom still lives here,
Liberty wants no false leads
Kicking up resistance, fear.

Wash the mud, all clear,
Let us sing, here, everywhere
No one chooses doubt
If truth can be puzzled out,
Bringing generosity.

Self-government calls
Each to provide of their best
Against what is past
With discipline so indeed
Progress leads all to succeed.

Gratitude List
I am thankful:
1) Skittles
2) Writing skills
3) Editing skills
4) Books
5) Friends

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© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2022 Creativity Project – Day 22


We anonymous
Never real to one another
Experience, perceptions,
Family, friends, yet strangers;
Unable to penetrate beneath
The persona presented with
No consciousness of masks
Picked up from some lofty self.
One day we think we will
Discuss our truth but opportunity
Sails away like a liner voyaging
Into some distant port where
What we thought to reveal
Is lost in the marketplace of
Ideas, conjecture, composition,
Suddenly it becomes too late.
We realize we do not have
Complete control of ourselves,
The truth we believed we knew
Is less specific than solidity
Of the objects populating our lives
Riddled with emptiness between
Atoms we cannot but trust
Will continue supporting us.
It all seems a dream, but more,
We build a world around being
Recognizable, though we are
Less known than guessed
Some inkling of spontaneousness;
Even loves, too little comprehend
As lives are shared between
The lines, staving off loneliness
Though together, separate;
Living life anonymous.

What are the definitions you apply to your relationships with the world? Create something that illustrates your position.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Gratitude List
1. Daylight
2. Creativity
3. Absence
4. Togetherness
5. Love

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May all good things accrue to you always. I hope your fondest dreams come true.

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2022 Creativity Project – Day 20

Tanka and Regulars

Sometimes the strength flees
Without an explanation
But sweet temper holds
The heart keeps smiling songs bold
As women who men behold.

Create work about a condition of the constitution. Bonus if you can bring it off without stating or illustrating what you describe.

Image: © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

My apologies; I have been very exhausted all day. This may suffer.

Gratitude List
1. Reading great books.
2. Electric lighting.
3. Washer.
4. Dryer.
5. Clothes.

You have drifted off
I know not where, but my heart
Begs me to find you,
My soul recalls how much you
Delight me, renew my life.

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Overcast, like Winter
Days that threaten from cotton
Skies to drop blankets
Of freezing sleet, snow, and ice,
My life withers without you.

I write love poems only because I know love due to experience. The fruitlessness of current days makes me fear I am lost with no way.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2022 Creativity Project – Day 10

1. The business of the day/Fades away in quiet peace/There is no fanfare/To bid light pleasant goodbyes/We forfeit it with closed eyes.

2. Marketplace wonder/Bounty in every full isle/Pick, choose, satisfy/The need realized this moment/The want not to be denied.

PROMPT – Experience invades and persuades every way each day. Take your day, compress it into some pithy phrases to illuminate what passed for your life. Use tanka or haiku if you like.

Gratitude List – I am thankful: 1. I drove to town and back safely. 2. I got a few consumables to keep body and person together a while longer. 3. Though not synced with average time, I slept.

A Vice – Photo © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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2022 Creativity Project – Day 6

Open the door on a new-fangled year. Somehow it seems unclear who is going on. Will a pose be stuck to endear, or are all acts sheared away.

Maybe everything is unformed as the void was before the Word gave life. Words are the tools to sculpt the way, whatever means each day.

© Jo Ann J.A. Jordan

Light the
With a
In memory
And moment,
To see

The work
Never stops,
The war to
Keep together
What battles
Left me;
Meaning confused
By voices,
Whether his or

I sing
As usual
I am plagued
By fear
And doubt –
The both

Soft ones,
So dear –
Life is
A balmy
Where ravens

One through three are tanka; four is a haiku. I gave them unconventional line breaks to add emphasis.

Consider something you have created; take it to another medium or form. Please do not presume to know what you make until you take directions you did not first use.

1. Even when I fall, I find the way.
2. What no one knows.
3. Still learning.

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