Kinetic Effect

Prompt: Use color, design, words to create something that you wish to express.

The more I create, the more I learn.
I washed many loads of clothes today.
Alex and I talked.
I sang.
Reading and watching video was inspiring.

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I want to know you,
I need to trace the lines, truth,
Speak to my heart
Those things which without you would
Detonate, exploding life.
In your eyes, time,
With gentleness reflect
Your forbearance for everything.
The syllables said
Like snares, tones,
Escorting me to locales
Wherein I belong.
Lightning sparkles in
Assurances you choose, share,
Attempting to
A sense of caring in ones
Who approach living without
Being fully engaged
Creativity, imagination, love.
Whose lives divorce emotion
From the force
Of all the richness
In brief moments, that carry
Strange variables fit to alter each
Experience, changing the game.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

If you only change the color of
The blankets worn without
Reforming the creature
Beneath, your actions are


I stand watching,
Tears in my eyes.
I cannot,
No, cannot,
Tell you goodbye.


The child becomes
The one who
Believes enough
To keep the parents
Forever real.


When people ask difficult
I imagine them marooned
Without clothes on,
In a swamp.


I need enough to
Bring me back to life, survive,
Living on my own.


It was there, along
With the music bringing us
Into who we are.


What is it getting under your skin or upside you? Create something that expresses the dissonance of the time. Let your imagination fill in the blanks that you cannot maintain rationally.

Making Gratitude My Way
(I am producing these gratitude lists to keep me mindful of the wondrous things in life, even amid daily setbacks and sufferings.)
Alex made it safely back to his new home.
I finished Silence by Don Dellio.
Alex found his cat, Gobi, both times she was lost.
My creativity seems to have multiplied.
I edit, read, write in ways that enlighten me.

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Time’s Migration

The furrows inscribed
Upon a person’s brow, tell
Life stories somehow,
Mention of the romantic
Days, or loving gone astray.
Beauty, it may not
Seem, but experience gleaned
Spends like precious coin
When shared with those who follow
Trying to avoid sorrow.
We would not grow old,
Having minds and strength slip past,
Leaving us each day,
A little frail, gaunt, less bright,
As fading wildflowers tend.
However, it is
A gift seeing this time, fine,
Victory, we stayed
For the path was riddled
With mines set to hinder ways.
The lines resonate
Each one proclaims a weight, debt,
Bow to circumstance,
Paid in hours spent, smiles, tears wept,
Joy retained, love created.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Though we are more than numbers piling up, sometimes it is apt to reflect upon life seasons. Create something that tells the tale of days spent in verse, prose, drawing, painting, sculpture – whatever fits your gifted fancy.

Today I Am Thankful
Alex and I went to Dairy Queen.
Alex found Maui when he was lost.
My muse took me out to see the view.
I reminded Alex to get hand-trucks.
I use Moleskine notebooks and pleasurable pens.

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Some days you must be
Apart, beside, outside, of
Who you often are
To reach the skies, and capture
Stars, to open other eyes.

Wide-open without
Any filter, touching grace, faith, love
Without displacement,
Conquering doubt, fear so near,
Being creativity.

Place a hand inside
The rippling river flow
Catch life passing by.

The Earth is speaking
Imploring care be taken
If not, scythe falling
Will in measure take what is
Here, reach beyond permission.

No one sees because
Depths hide, out of open sight,
Mind is not described.

Standing brilliant in
Relief before the shadow,
It scarcely matters.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Sometimes conversations take flight going beyond normal thought. Such was one with Alex today. I wish I were a better conversationalist, but being a sounding board is essential too, I suppose.

Prompt: Think of something you could create to serve the needs of human beings and the planet at large. Create a representation in art or words.

Gratitude Today:
Alex inviting me to talk to him on his drive from Florida.
Being home all day.
Listening to music.
Almost 30,000 steps.

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