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Connections Play

There is no secret
No perfect way to handle
All the things life gives –
It is only now, living
Through each moment, we are, have.
Alarm bells clanging,
Favorite songs playing, blare,
Everything is there
To keep us wanting, needing –
Engaged in doing, being.
We are the present
Happening over, in time,
Carrying talent
Gifts to share fairly and kind
Leaving no regrets behind.
Love is our reason
Even when we cannot rhyme
In all the doing
Filling each second of life –
Understanding the plot line.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Friday, September 9, 2022

Further work with these elements:

Copyright – Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Sunday’s Thoughts

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I wrote these with a fountain pen, which is not my best instrument. These are my journal pages. If you read them, you will get insight into where and what my state of mind is.

I would have scanned them into the computer, but my equipment and the program did not cooperate with me. Therefore, I did the phone as I have for the past months.

Showing journal pages is a level of openness I can do, but it is a bit uncomfortable. I have no idea how this audience will react, so it is a gamble.

How revealing can you be? Consider that a prompt.

Blessings, I hope, always find you. Jesus, lend you peace. Live, alive, and Love cause that is why we are here on Earth.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2022 Creativity Project – April 1

Enough To Do

Completion of tasks
Long undone provides a sense
Of accomplishment
That borders on mystical
A release, approbation.
Overcoming blocks
And procrastination is
Difficult to do
But when the dam is broken
Blessings flow straight into view.
Life is a constant
Fight against forces that curb
Restraining creativity
Leeching imagination.
Breaking through to
Rewards and employing faith
In God’s continual
Love, grace, mercy bestows strength
With positive energy
To live productively and endure.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2022 Creativity Project – Day 5

Today, I return to my original format used with my first creativity project online, found on Chronicles. I have included my handwritten journal entry for this date.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

If you have not tried journaling, do that. You may wish to do freeform as above, or you may want to give yourself a topic each day. If you are doing specific creative work, a journal may also be used to work out glitches and problems in what you are doing. Include what you wish; a journal is like a friend whose feedback is in your reading again.

I have listened to the Audible version of Sandman and am listening to Sandman 2. I am usually not a fan of audiobooks, but I find these extremely enjoyable. Both employ a cast of voice actors and required sounds, and it may help that I am already a fan of Neil Gaiman.

The first book I have completed in 2022 is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I read this book in 2011 when it originally came out, and I am afraid much reading since fogged my memory of some portions. Since my son, Alex, often references it, I reread it.
It is a good book about computers, simulations, the 1980s, the present, friendship, romance, lost love, and even has some murder thrown in. It is a book with a broad appeal, as relevant now as at its initial publication, maybe more.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Maybe, those dreams past
We can make real if we take
This time to attend
To things we began before
Warnings dire started to flash.

Who could you become
If you trusted yourself more
Than you have before?

We can never buy
What we want most, try we may
But days, past decays.

Gratitude List
I am thankful:
For holidays, and
For average days when routine
Takes hold, and things are
A bit less bold, and one can
Be a comfortable self, like:
A quiet volume,
Not opened to reveal all
The story it hides,
But sitting dreamy waiting
‘Til some hungry soul arrives.
For clever devices
Technologies some devise
Adding joy to lives.
My ability
To read and maybe write,
With some expertise.
These dogs, who call me
Theirs, who willingly share space
And the air freely.
Friends and family
I have had, happily known,
Those lives still present
And those now gone, just away,
Or to their heavenly home.

A gratitude list, made poetry? Not entirely sure what happened there, but I also seem to speak in rhyme from time to time, so I guess I will not worry over something so sublime.

I am afraid all this went a little long, but I hope you enjoyed your time here. If you like, use one of the available methods to follow the site, or come again when you will. I would be most pleased to have you like this post and the others you read. If you have friends who might find this worthwhile, your recommendation is always appreciated.

Everything here is © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2022 Creativity Project – Day 2

Starting and ending are easy, but the middle gives life to the story. The morass of details, building, deconstructing, together and apart, is where we find meaning for the first and last. As creators, we test ourselves and find the elements we are made from in the uncharted country that stretches infinite inside our boundaries.

Sometimes, the mistakes are where we learn the best and the most when we create. Never be afraid of failure or the line that goes awry. We can recover, but never beginning or stopping when things get difficult serves no one. Perfection is a myth; it can hold us prisoners; creation is the goal, and sometimes the process is messy.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Writing can be bizarre. We work on one thing, then find parts and pieces, fit puzzle-like with our other work. Such was my experience today; it was like chunking ideas at a mind map.

Urgent Origin

Love sometimes silent
Makes one wily and wary;
Trust, a butterfly,
Some pick the brightly colored
Wings off and set them aflame.

Slaking emotion
Within a stranger desire,
Holding back the truth,
When unbeknownst, tears fall warm –
Milk curdled in noonday sun.

Some secrets have ways
Of bleeding out over time,
Leaving stains behind
Hard to cover in the mind
Or in person, once you find.

Everyday becomes
Barred captivity with no
Date set for release,
Creativity invents
Dialogues, reasons, endless.

Tears you comprehend
But cannot ever explain
To those who must pry
Into the brown-paper wrapped
Packages under bleary eyes.

Who knows the flashes
Of memory making you?
Is your life managed
In black boxes mentally?
Can anyone explain fear?

When you smile, statements,
Does someone care, understand?
Years play melodies
Like guitars, dice, ivory –
Peddle pleasures, distant names.

No pictures remain
Glass burst, broken, twisted frames;
To travel back, no,
Claims upon the shattered heart
Too costly to rearrange.

Winners rode away
Without regret meant to say –
Drowning in bottles
Forsaking the meaning – Love –
Ravens, dark dirges – black sing.

Still, shrill the ailing,
Lonely wails, no one listens,
The darkness alone
Harbors shadows whoever
It was and somehow might be.

Castaway – leave shore,
Dump boxes full of shame, woe,
Let bad temper go,
Find the self anew, made free
Voyage into what agrees.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

As you work, see how you handle middles. Do you have beginnings and endings within them? Create inside, but aside your boundaries. Share your experience if you wish.

I am thankful:
1. Today, I had an opportunity to talk to my son, Alex.
2. The weather may become colder again.
3. I created a lot today.
4. I can determine how I employ my creativity.
5. Life is like origami; every fold adds value to the whole.

Call to Action
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