A Poem, Hypothetical

You think my saying,
“I LOVE You,” too strongly calls
On your commitment,
But you do not understand
Love is how I navigate
A world so beyond
My feeble ability
To exert control.
Yes, you are unique, alright,
But if I lose you, it is.
I will hurt, maybe, bleed within,
I will cry, but I will go on,
Into the future
Knowing no mistake destroys
The heart unless one withholds
Love when it wishes
To break free and start clinging,
Close with someone so dear
There is no walking away,
It fills forever – every day.
So, my love, be sure,
I stand beside you engaged;
Body, heart, mind, soul,
Strong enough to withstand all you
Are willing to share, impart.
No fragile new bloom
Needing protection from doom
Am I, I survived
Much more than any may guess
I am able and can be.
I would be yours while
You desire closeness to me
But should our hearts change
I will say goodbye, go then my
Way presently, to somewhere
I can find enough of peace
To resurrect my hopes, grasp hold
Capture life’s threads once again.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Love is no fairytale, it is an endurance race. The further a couple runs, the more force exerts itself against them.

Life exists as an experiment, a trial run of loving. When we love, we shelter the planet from unrewarding efforts.

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