I Got Nothing, Not A Thing

This has been a stressful day dealing with my mind. I have no words to write of an inspiring or encouraging sort. If I had not vowed myself to make an entry here every day this year, I would get out of dodge.

As it is, I can give you a playlist I tried:

Radioactive by The Firm
Get Down, Make Love by Queen
Some Like It Hot by The Power Station
Closer by The Firm
You Got Me Rocking by The Rolling Stones
Gotta Get A Grip by Mick Jagger

From there, it kind of degenerated to all over the spectrum. I have a massive compendium of music in my head, though like lots of books I have read, it is hard to access any one particular thing without intense concentration. I seem to store album covers and book covers, but one of the traits of my mind is that I cannot visualize. Therefore, it is an, I know it when I see it sort of thing.

I paid the power bill, and the loan I wish was over. Significantly dented my bottom line.

I think part of my lost mood is that I am attempting to put a hiatus on my voracious appetite being satisfied. The meds I take, make me hungry all the time, and I am trying to get a hold on that. As Mick says, Gotta Get A Grip.

I hope this useless mood breaks soon. I am trying to get control.

Anyway, I have written.

I hope your weekend is going well. Thanks for reading if you did.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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