Life For Life

A child in womb, life,
The reason to stand and fight,
A separation
Of purpose, but will to bear,
A child brought hopeful through fear.
Always devoted
Despite trials, battles, high costs
Give and give again
Because love is, does, happens,
Believes, continues, best makes.
Some days years later
When despair encroaches, sears
Body, mind leaving,
The child reaches out, calls to
Account, encourages life.
The realization
What is forged together can
Abide all hardship
Be a saving grace, carry
Forth the ones who will remain.
No other heart touches
The willingness to survive
Like one brought to life,
And unbreakably bonded
With endless familial love.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

As a prompt, create something that reflects the dynamic of a significant relationship.

I am struggling with myself over continuing this practice. It seems I have little influence or impact, and despite that usually being a millennial concern, it is mine too. I fail to know if I should keep putting in the effort. I am fighting my crisis mode of retracting from everything.

It has been good being here while it lasted. All the best to all of you. May God bless you with prosperity, good health, and your fondest desires.

2020.07.09 Weeds at Ramp rr

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


The Whisper That Shouts

When language preaches
A soul-rending sermon, soft,
Or words get dressed up
To woo and seduce another,
When voices sing of beauty
Or rhyme appears clear
To paint syllables of the sky,
When cursing seems well
Placed, aptly, and fairly done.
Poignant protests raise applause
Revealing there exist, heroes,
Needing appropriate speeches,
Or a tearfully sad story
To be honored and well-told,
When the crowds pay tribute
To those who amaze, astound.
If one jettisons planetary bonds
The left behind, raw, broken wide open
Recite laments to tidy seeping wounds,
When a newborn enterprise
Is begun with much courage and hope,
Or plain and simple
Cries must be made for progress,
If people who feel life
Differently must be given a voice.
Ordinary words cannot address
Every occasion pregnant with love
Or fraught with the lace of fear, doubt,
But call for the gift of poetry,
The whisper that shouts.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2020.07.08 Converted Rose rr

As a prompt, exploring the meaning or purpose or love of poetry. Should you rather, explore whatever forms of creative expression you most enjoy.



Can We?

2020.07.04 Wagon in Snow Illustration rr

Can we give whole, a heart,
When our heart lies broken,
Shackled, shattered, torn?
Can we be free, when society
Enslaves us with cares, delusions,
Demands, restrictions, rules?
Can we love with full commitment;
When lovers stand shadows every eve,
Thick blood still pouring from internal wounds?
We can, we must, because we need
The reprieve we find through one another.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Just a heads up for those who may wonder, all the writing, artwork, photography, commentary, prompts, you find on Haphazard Creative is my creation. I may not always mark it, but still, it is mine.

If you need a prompt, see what you might derive from the above photo. That is a Radio Flyer from some years ago. Today I wish it would snow. Summer pains me. Anyway, get yourself out of the way and create something. Creation is an act of personal transformation and just possibly salvation from despair and dissolution.

Thank you for visiting, if you found something likable or inspiring here, please follow Haphazard Creative or just make an intention to return in the future. Be forever welcome to leave comments, comments are like chocolate, and I am a chocolate fiend.

Lowercase Hours, Days

I begin to long
For those lowercase hours, days,
When the news was not
Filled with terror, loss, such deep
Human costs; lives we treasured.
Death gone viral, cuts
Us at every corner, blood,
Poisoned by a virus, taken
Needlessly by actions
Headlines, commentators, debaters
Shouting in contention for attention
The racket drowning out needed
Silence, senses stirred with no
Intention to abstain and seek
Uppercase the months
Hasting in lockstep go by
We see with open eyes
Recognize all the calamity
The vivid insanity
We cannot deny and cry
For the love that we hold –
The world we knew
The things we never thought
Were precious that now
Live in the past we cannot regain.
More lowercase days, maybe,
Are slumbering in a corner
Where the sun and shadow
Perfectly balance allowing
Moments to dream up a future
Where we are aware and
Prepared to be braver than
Ever before, appreciating life
As irreplaceable and worth
Striving to create through
Love and imagination
In optimum days when we mix
Excitingly all cases of hours, days.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2020.07.01 Chairs resize


Like fire on water
Warming skin and blood, a touch,
From you puts spirits
Racing, needing, wanting more
All the love given, returned.
I never thought to
Feel this way with anyone
Who entered my life
At this latter date, mistake,
I am now yours completely.
I fear, I do, much
For I can be fanciful, wild,
A bit of chaos in some days.
I turn scared, wither, at words
Not meant to elicit pain,
Only bring cool calm to bear;
How I try to be a pool
At peace, when I am an ocean
Stirred, waving, crashing to shore.
Silly me, I do not even
Seem to know myself these days,
When with you, no longer am I
A quiet shade haunted,
Fading, passing fast away;
I become a passionate creature
Living moment to moment
Fully alert, indubitably alive
Always anxious to be with you.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

He calls me an Agent of Spiraling Chaos. Only with him, but then again, I am uncertain. I get excited when people are with me. I just love everyone. I spend too much time alone.

2020.07.01 Faries resized

 © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

As a prompt, use a whimsical word or phrase to describe a part of your life. Let it lead you into whatever creation you wish to undertake.

What is a nickname you might give yourself or have been given? Can you derive creation from it?

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative, please follow, or come back soon. May hope hold your hand; your dreams be fulfilled, leading to success, bringing happiness.