It is not the thing,
Which means so much, potential
Is the fascination,
The good anticipated
Drives continual collection.

Each grain of knowledge,
Volumes read, pages written,
Words captured, stored away,
Images made – frozen motion,
Time caught today, any day.

Creation flowing,
Exploring, knowing, showing,
Voicing, acting, playing, becoming,
Not a thing, but an expression
A transcendence, beyond gone.

Everything we live
Everything we do enriches
How we create, make,
No energy ever wasted –
All things begin in love.

We are containers,
Sustainers, joiners, remainders,
Adventurers who
Generate from around us
The fabric of reflection.

We reach to other hearts,
Who may understand the journey,
While many miles may
Separate us; togetherness bonds
Us in love’s companionable joy.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: We are all living lives differently; create something in witness or celebration.

Milk and honey.
Warm covers.
My command station.

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Diverting Chaos

Currently upon a landing
What we can or cannot
Do, have, know, become.
Our platform is crowded
With dreams, hopes, plans,
We can inhale deeply
Engage our hearts, minds,
We have various options
But results defy control;
The chaos of change holds
Our futures in a firm grasp.
We know with certainty belongs
To the past, even so, memory
Is a changeling interjecting
Stories which alter over time.
We create things reflecting
Our knowledge, viewpoints shift
As conditions fluctuate,
Oceans of thought, never still.
Informs creativity avowing
Experience is a seeming
Space/Time we boldly bridge
Leaping landing to landing
We habitually avoid the stairs,
Moving forward or sidelong
Discovering novelty in ourselves,
Always exchanging present
For frequent divers transformation.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Create from something you have very recently experienced.

Alex called.
There is no ice or snow here.
I am still on this journey.
The throw Richard gave me.
Reading and Writing.

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Gifts We Cannot Buy

The quiet of home when we
Return from wrestling lions all day.
The satisfaction of writing letters,
Poems, songs for loved ones.
The taste of a meal carefully
Prepared with helpings of love.
A comfortable chair, bright light,
Books we are longing to read.
Songs we never realized existed
But for which we find a soul hunger.
A dog, cat, lizard, goat, cow, whoever
Comes snuggles up, revealing devotion.
Stolen hours when hearts, souls
Are permitted freedom to dance art.
Picking up a crying child, watching
As eyes go wide, kissed by a smile.
The sweet hug of those treasured
Who we raised despite everything.
Traveling to a far-off wonderland,
Returning to a space of belonging.
Knowing, growing with screen friends,
Finally, meeting with hugs, face to face.
Sunshine after a bleak succession
Of wickedly dark, sad stormy days.
The alabaster moon coming from behind
Clouds, in time for a sweetheart kiss.
Setting aside specific times to find those
Moments to sincerely pray to the Lord.
Laying down, fed, safe, warm, beneath
Covers, falling into deep refreshing sleep.
Awaking to a day full of opportunity,
Possibility, without doubt, we are loved.
Living in a blessed place where each one
Can achieve hopes, dreams, and success.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Within Storms

An arctic blast –
Maybe there should
Be igloos, for form’s sake.
Solstice is long past,
Yet, now, the chill
Penetrates every bone,
Cranny and gap.
Yule logs consumed
Time afore would
Now be welcomed
Upon many hearths
To warm the fireside.
Even so, the snow
In its weavings
Looks like treacle icing
Upon the listing evergreens.
Winter dreams tell
Tales of coming Spring
Where the Earth rousing
Grows warm as most
Living things are
Like the Savior
Jesus, who holds keys
To happy eternity.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Weather makes an excellent background on which to create. Use your current situation or tune in to fantasy for creation.

Gratitude List:
I had a better day.
Finished work on magazines.
Diet Cokes.
Cadbury Eggs.
Decorating for Easter.

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Everyone needs loving
When the world turns icy gray
Those times that things go astray,
But also when all seems right –
And dancing lasts day to night.
All the glorious notes together
Can change the internal weather
Allowing the most joyful songs,
Every age can sing along
Faces brightening with delight.
The sun comes arising,
In eyes hopeful and surprised;
Time becomes a tender comfort
When strangers become fast friends.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: The weather is rather frightful in many places; pull up a stool at the bar, create something to ameliorate the awful conditions outside.

I went into town and got groceries and miscellaneous after five weeks without doing so.
I have hope to feel better now that I have diet soda and food I like.
Getting my phone to sync with the Explorer.
My friend Reba is a lifesaver, literally.

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