Some Site-Keeping

You probably noticed I have been tinkering with the site recently. If you have an opinion, I welcome the input. The theme I had been using so long was retired, and there were things I wanted that it would not do.

Going into the new year, I thought changing things up might serve us well. I am still debating whether to rededicate myself to another 365 days of posting daily. I would love to garner thoughts on this. Ideas and suggestions about what I might do differently or more of; would also be appreciated.

I hope I have made things more user friendly. I came to WordPress when MSN Spaces closed. My blog, Chronicles, goes back to that transfer. Haphazard Creative was a different start when I suffered some tragic losses. Sometimes I regret that I did not just rename and continue with it, but it is too late now. Chronicles was more personal; Haphazard Creative heavily focuses on creativity.

I am not thrilled with some features of the new theme, but it is likable.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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