Five Tanka

Voices now missing,
Faces unseen, we cannot
Recover the lost
But memories linger beyond
The pain suffered every day.

New love a blessing
Washing over vacancies
Erasing injuries
Taken in other places
Times no longer tightly grasped.

There are songs able
To dump us in a swamp full
Of scalding teardrops
Which might completely drown us
Did others ignore our need.

Did you see angels
As the faces of loved ones
Appeared in your dreams?
Those given to enrich lives
Are Heaven’s agents disguised.

Why now agonize
Over tomorrow’s dark storms?
God goes before us
Smoothing the pathways we walk
So worries do not exist.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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As a prompt, try your hand at writing some tanka. The form is five lines with syllable counts: 5-7-5-7-7. I often stack them for longer poems. Tanka are a simple form, short enough to allow a quick bit of work, but long enough to convey complex meaning.

2 thoughts on “Five Tanka

  1. I love this. Initially reading, I did not notice the Tanka poetic form; it flowed so naturally. I also like the darkness in the beginning, and how each stanza builds to a lighter conclusion to the overall theme: acceptance and peace. This is evident in the first stanza when suffering or going through grief, we are often in darkness. But then we drown ourselves into each process of grief until we hopefully reach acceptance.

    A beautifully, if not brilliantly, written piece. Well-written and well done.


    1. Thank you so much for commenting. In these sets that I separate, each one is supposed to be independent. The strange thing is sometimes they make a coherent whole. Haiku and Tanka, I just doodle with them.

      I so appreciate the feedback. Writing can be lonely and seem thankless at times. It is what I do, but input like yours is priceless.

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