The sails are paper-thin
The boat afloat in the wind
Tossed about by frothing waves
Days fast passing, a coming of age,
No slowing, nor stopping, keep coping,
With the turning, another completed page;
The calendar with its blotted stains
Marks the passage, victories, and pains.

Shining faces graced by sweetest smiles,
Blessings, dreams, hopes continually persist,
Never obsolete, out of fashion or style.

The paper sails of fragile ships set
Upon streams to weather storms
Tack away from all extremes
Which threaten the mercurial existence
Of a future freely brought by invention,
With creativity, heart, and intuition
Souls dance love, meaning, gentleness,
Composing lives, elements of all that is.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

My son, Alex, is here to spend a few days.
I warmed the house enough, I can wear a tee-shirt.
Work was done on the theme here.
Had an M&M Blizzard today.
Just thankful for blessings.

If you are not already doing the practice of noting your gratitude, I suggest you do it. It is a buoyant practice.

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Some Site-Keeping

You probably noticed I have been tinkering with the site recently. If you have an opinion, I welcome the input. The theme I had been using so long was retired, and there were things I wanted that it would not do.

Going into the new year, I thought changing things up might serve us well. I am still debating whether to rededicate myself to another 365 days of posting daily. I would love to garner thoughts on this. Ideas and suggestions about what I might do differently or more of; would also be appreciated.

I hope I have made things more user friendly. I came to WordPress when MSN Spaces closed. My blog, Chronicles, goes back to that transfer. Haphazard Creative was a different start when I suffered some tragic losses. Sometimes I regret that I did not just rename and continue with it, but it is too late now. Chronicles was more personal; Haphazard Creative heavily focuses on creativity.

I am not thrilled with some features of the new theme, but it is likable.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan