So many snippets
Stream through windows of our minds,
Frantic squirrel-like the acorns we hide
Unattached – space, time,
Carrying subtle music
It flows; we nearly catch it.
Upon fragrant air
An idea, oft thought, lingers
We may become more
Should we step beyond the door
Appearing as choice – before.
Have we only this
To treasure, a muffled line
Not aptly spoken
Shedding meaning left behind
Past, present, future, equal.
Us, we, a people
Seeking love without measure
To give life purpose, pleasure
When dreams lose cause without hope
Promises then made, broken.
Lives come forgiven –
Things acquired for which we strive,
But funds slip away
Leaving emptiness still ours
Loneliness star cast
A role to play – until hands
Reaching hands lead onward, love.
All come now peaceful
Like fog on morning pathway
Leading to an ease
Reconciliation frees
Who we can be here, agrees.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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