The secret of sales


The title may not sound like it involves creativity, but as I stated elsewhere, creativity is a part of all we do. Also, I am going to relate it to your creative products so please continue.

This is not from a book, though I read many books, this is out of my head and my experience, as is everything I post here.

If you have created something, you put your heart and soul into, make sure you value it. Look at it, touch it, get to know it, not just as the creator, but someone who appreciates it as something beautiful, something of worth. Fall in love with that thing, but not so much you cannot part with it if you are selling it.

Present it in the very best way possible, let your love for the object guide you, or if it is writing, do what you can to accent the text in ways that will make a person want it. With a textual description make it as inviting as if you were there talking to the buyer. If you are selling, your love and enthusiasm are what will invite someone to take it. They will want your experience, your feelings, your passion.

If you are selling person to person, it is also essential that you take time to make yourself most presentable, because as much as you are selling love for the object, you are making an impression as someone to score it from. The more they value you, the more they will be willing to pay.

Then there is the person to whom you are potentially selling, you must at that time make them the most important person in your world. You have to love them, not like romantically, just love that flows out positively.

If you are not personally involved with the object and the person it will come across that this is just another thing and they are just a stranger you have to talk to today.

I could go on with this, but this should prime your brain. Sales are not hard, you just have to involve your heart in the game.

For a prompt describe something you have created with enough love that someone would go out of their way to buy it from you.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit here. I certainly appreciate you reading. There is a follow button, or you may come back. Sorry, I have been a while getting up a post, sometimes life intervenes. Take care and be safe.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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