More Reading

I finished one book that I have been nursing for a while and three others that I more recently started.

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy, I read in hardcover, with 453 pages. This is a novel of India with a diverse cast. It is filled with surprises and perceptions of people who though broken, have chosen love. I did not expect it. I highly recommend it and rate it a five. This is the one I carried a while. It seems paper books are a bit more demanding.

Merlin’s Booke by Jane Yolen, was on Kindle, with 176 pages. I am a Merlin fanatic. I will read anything with Merlin. I am not sure I did not read this before, in the eighties. Matters not; joyfully read it. Jane Yolen is an author who weaves stories so spectacularly one gets tangled in the threads. This is one of those tens, I must give a five, because of the current rating scales en vogue.

The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan, I read on Kindle, with 277 pages. I cannot express how good this novel is, everything about it is exceptional. The characters are so well described, the situations are so well written, the feeling one comes away with like a precious hug. This one is 100% delight, I highly recommend it and give it a way better than five.

Reader, Come Home by Maryanne Wolf, I read on Kindle, with 277 pages. This is non-fiction, see I do read it, it is about research on print and digital media. Our brains are being restructured with our use of screens. If you have children, this might be extremely informative for you. I have felt that there were changes in attention and concentration as I have become part of the digital world. I think this an important subject and the book very well done. I recommend it. Five stars seem inadequate.

When I do these reviews, I am not sure you know, I include the Amazon links in the titles.

No link to this because I am not reviewing it. My current read is Harlot’s Ghost by Norman Mailer, which I have been saving (LOL) since 1991. This one will take a bit as it is in hardcover and over 1300 pages. I knew it would exceed expectations, and I am not disappointed.

I hope you had a fulfilling week and wish you an enjoyable weekend. This is post 56 for the month, and it is not over yet. I have done some other writing today, so I may be back later.

Blessings be upon you, yours, and all you endeavor to accomplish.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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