Rescue Prayer

At this time of crisis, Lord, I am reminded You are in control. I ask that You spread your loving protection over all those in harm’s way. Jesus, please fill us with the spirit of love and hope and remove our doubt and fear.

Dear God, I am confident we are here only through your direction. Please guide us and grant us patience and understanding. Please be with those who lead us and give them wisdom and right motives. Only you can remedy this pandemic with minimal loss of health and life. I pray You will intervene.

Help us support one another with encouragement and inspiration. You, Lord, are He who has power over all and everything. Be near to us, for we have become needy and cannot resolve all the trouble that besets us.

You, God, are our fortress, rock, protector, strength, assurance, salvation, our home, creator, and future promise, hold us near Your heart that we may survive.

You know our needs, Jesus, please assist us with Your compassion and providence.

We are a world of many peoples all in Your hands. Dear Jesus, remember us and be our Way.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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