Response Today

It has been weeks since
There has been any response
To repeated requests made
That he call me, talk to me,
Depression had settled in.

Then the phone rang with
His name filling its little screen
My son, my joy, all
I had been hoping for, real,
My heart, in response, joyful grew.

We talked and talked more
Everything I hoped for came,
Like the world was right,
Knowing he was well, that we
Remained like clones, years separately.

More than anything
Or anyone, he is special
The love never fades,
He is my happiest of happy
The brightest of fairest days.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Alex, if you ever read this, know I love you.

The PAD Challenge Countdown prompt today was “Response.” The fact life called was just a happenstance.


I know of the world –
Once there was a way through it
I took without care,
But some people stood opposed
To blazing a path of love.

Their arguments were
Convincing enough to remove
My purpose from me,
But only temporarily –
I awoke and recovered.

My voice was not loud,
But passion fed my practice –
I would not give up;
Others joined me on the way
Trying to rescue our planet.

Calling everyone
To love themselves and others
To submit to God
Through Jesus, many people
Needing Christ’s redemptive love.

Poetry gives voice to life
Renewed, freed, revived with love,
Salvation’s testimony.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I wrote this before going to sleep for a little while. The pain I am experiencing seems to be zapping my strength. I do not have Coronavirus, but I am not in the most excellent health. It does not matter, I survive, and during struggle thrive.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I never imagined
We would live in
A time of plague,
But as I think
It would seem life
Has prepared me.

I learned as a wee
Little one in my
Illustrated Holy Bible
The fate of the Egyptians
Who in the Old Testament
Chose to stand against God.

I often read Edgar’s,
“Masque of the Red Death,”
And a few times I braved
Stephen’s apocalyptic masterwork,
The Stand which invaded
My dreams with fear.

Various articles on 1918
With their focus on
The failure of the grid,
Were supremely worrying,
Then more recently
Chuck’s terrifying Wanderers.

When the first news broke
In the New York Times
That the Coronavirus was
Fast-moving in China
Something clutched at me
And I became concerned.

As it spread further
Taking a tenacious hold
Worry invaded, and with
Each report of increased transmission
Fear escalated until a panic
Began to set in, spooking me.

I gathered my nerves
Convinced God is in Control
Knowing isolation is my lifestyle
Finding some peace that time
Is easy to occupy when creative
Hoping and praying as life goes on.

This was written about 4am after watching Netflix on the tablet in bed. I should have put it up earlier, but I was not sure how I felt about it. I try to focus on positive things, but I think there must be some use for poetic comment on the times.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


We are not
What is seen in looking,
We are
Breaking upon shores
Of non-attendance,
Overflowing with
Abundances of LOVE,
Overcoming hesitance
That stifles generosity,
Conquering those tendencies
To cloister ourselves
Looking away,
Welcoming only companions;
Our storm-wake recognizes
The outright necessity
Of every life,
Honored, treasured, valued
As even we, ourselves.
The world is not
A vague projected concept –
It is us,
Every person counted,
Matter and meaning,
Not something which
Must be sought and earned
With transitory achievement
But a given right of survival.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Where, Escape?

I want to escape
Into you,
To feel you here now
Surrounding me with
An instant
Of your touch,
Deep in experience
Storming the interior
Of my fluttering heart
Memories of times
Before when we
Stood like standing stones
Arrayed against winds
That set others to flight,
You whispered,
How much you cared,
How you would not depart,
How because I believed
I was safe in your company,
That peace
I claim it
I must escape
These worries
That trouble me,
Are my trust,
The hope
I cling to,
My safety
When I am all alone.
I bury my fears
In you,
For you have risen.
No shadow can mar
The shining of your light
You bear me
Above the valley
And I escape
I am set free to live
Within your LOVE
And eternal security.

Praise Jesus!

I never know what will come. This quite surprised me. I was working the Poetic Asides Prompt, escape, today. Maybe you would like to join in.

Anyway, God bless you all today.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan