An Inhale

I have been thirsty for an age,
Now I have a glass brim-full
I shall slake my need, and still
Perhaps, find there is evermore.

If he only knew how deep is my want;
No, I must not let it show,
I live love; give it space to grow,
It sometimes comes fast, others slow.

Such force rendered with soft inflection,
His briefest touch draws my breath away.
What may I do to shield myself?
I cannot; my heart does willing yield,
There exists no contest on the field,
All my secrets, treasures are revealed.

It would be a heart-ache, heart-break,
Were he not my match – gentle, tender.
He is very dear bringing cheer,
Sharing delightful smiles without guile.
I can only quickly steal away to spend
The moments he spares – day by day.

When the repast sits upon the table
We will come and dine at such time
As we are prepared, able,
I, like someone dreaming of a fable.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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