Remember, Do You?

Do you recall the first time
You realized all the world
Depended on no single thing,
But other hearts needed you
Enough to boost hope and reason
For continuing beyond those
Times love given seemed less
Than what might be wanted?
Remember pulling a smile
From the aether and laughing
Because crying was much too cruel?
When you won your big thing,
Do you remember thinking
Of all the small stuff sacrificed,
And wishing with a lurch,
You had those along with the glory?
Remember the kiss you thought
Meant the world and forever
And somehow all your dreams
Faded like the rosy pink in
A Summer’s sky at the end
Of an utterly magical day?
Do you recall how everything
Seemed so hard and you thought
Of giving up, but someone had
Faith to tell you how you could do
More than you thought possible,
That you were capable beyond
Your belief and you pulled yourself
Up together and conquered defeat
Sallying on to succeed tremendously?
Remember the darkness cannot
Overcome the vision of light
Captured in a moment
Needed to set the flame in
Motion to take back now
And claim the past and forever.
Remember, remember, do YOU?
Do you recall that no matter,
This is your life, and you are able,
Able to survive because you are
Here now and have come so far,
In the present, you can go further,
You can take possession of success.
Despite negatives facing you
Your life is precious and may thrive?

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Memory is a poignant tool at times. If you need inspiration, drop a line in your past and see what you pull up. Maybe you could use the above questions and statements to set you on your way. Life is abundant beyond our cognizance, and there are so many dreams we have accomplished.

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative. If you wish, follow the site or come back as you will. Many blessings upon you and yours now and always.


Covid-19, I Have Questions

Ladies, Gentlemen, Others,

I am curious about your experiences during this world-wide pandemic. Have any of you tested positive or recovered from the virus?

If that is not your experience, are you in isolation most of the time?

When you go into the public, do you mask and observe social distancing or no?

Have your daily routines significantly changed, as in working from home versus in an office? If this is your present, do you intend to continue after the crisis is past?

Have you suffered significant financial impairment due to the situation? Is that situation rectifying itself with time, or is this becoming a morass?

My experience is I have not been tested nor recovered from the virus. There is no reason to believe I have had it. I have been in isolation for the majority of the time. When I do go out, I wear a mask, and I avoid going out without my mentor as much as possible. Most of my routines have continued as usual. I did lose a month of copy editing, and though the publications have resumed, they are less robust to some degree, which affects my editing hours.

I should like for things to become more comfortably routine, and I hope your times are pleasant going forward.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Thankful Thursday


Be grateful for all
You have, all there is, in all
Times, every season.
You are truly blessed,
Gratitude opens the doors
For abundance to flood
Toward you, profusely.
Make gratefulness
Your magnificent mission,
Your constant prayer.

Gratitude List
I am thankful:

1. Alex called.
2. Reba called.
3. Books to read.
4. Music.
5. Wookie.
6. Tribble.
7. Internet.
8. Writing.
9. Editing.
10. Devices
and friends.
© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
2020.06.18 Roses rr edit

Kudos to the Helpers

We have people in our lives that lend us strength when we become weak. These are blessings in human form. Love flows from them against our storms. When one enters our existence, it is a miracle, a grace.

Today some of my heroes reached out, not knowing how much they were needed. My son, Alex, called. His calls always lift my spirit and ignite my soul. We talked, and it was just a wonder.

I called Bernice, and she cheered me on as we laughed together. She gets me, even though I am strange.

I have been struggling, and a few people noticed. Today, my mentor, called. He invited me to lunch, catfish, fried okra, green beans, and bread. He also offered to go shopping with me. I have not been able to get myself to go and had almost run out of food. We went to Kroger and Sam’s Club, and I restocked. He is such a dear.

My best friend, Reba, and I talked. She saved the dog, from physical discipline, after making a terrible mess, by letting me vent. There is so much she does, long-distance, to help me.

My people are my support and much-needed considering. My disease, I cannot express, but love is sometimes the only thing that helps me survive.

It feels good to know I have food. It had reached a critical point.

Tomorrow I go for shots in my knees.

I guess I said all that to tell you, love those people who make life bearable. Never take them for granted. Also, recognize, however low, you feel that you are someone’s hero and do not give up. Life is precious, we are destined, what we will become is to be seen. Hang on. You are a blessing.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The Wookie was scolded for making a mess, admonished never to do it again, and then the poor rotted creatures got bacon treats. There was some time-lapse. She was observing proper social distancing since she was not entirely able to predict the actions of her Momma. Truth told at that point, I was not prepared either.