Short Shrift

A vast ocean flows
Within reaching for others
But it overwhelms, drowns,
With dying optimism
When rejected and alone.

Come lovely sweet one
Come here now, let me adore
You, my dear, blessing.

What I know, believe,
Is turned to all of nothing
Without, I love you.

Life runs quick along,
Carries us forward without
Giving permission.

Never taken down
Into places much desired;
The surface remains.

Head held up, above,
The drowning cascades, flowing,
From the abandon,
Blood meets bone, such evidence,
A heart let be entertained.

Hopes, a cycle dashed –
While allowing settlement,
Engagement released.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

It is the last of calm before the oncoming Holidays. Now is the time to get some writing, creativity in before busyness intrudes. Haiku and tanka will not overtax you. So there is your prompt. Good fortune to you all.

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