Leaf light filters through
Casting mosaic patterns
Brown, crimson, golden
Painted floor of woods cushioned
So footfalls are hardly heard.
Somewhere a dog howls,
A coyote snickers and yelps
An owl asks questions
No one deigns to give reply
Quiet nestles peace to rest.
As dusk falls, followed
By the skeins embroidering
Night, a crystal moon
Sighs strewing pale reflections
Of incandescent day bright.
Beyond window glows
Secrets like insulation
Keep swallowed stories
As deep as Earth and Ocean
Full as the starred Milky Way.
In hearts brilliant hot
Coals aroused to give new flame
Love Becomes Again
Whatever the driving force,
We, humans, find home together.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


It is no wonder
Life goes as it sometimes does –
Our illusions meet
Head on with reality,
But we avoid the defeat.
We lift ourselves high
Above the troubles, surround,
Every moment, light,
Keeping the shadows away –
With faith, joy, love, kind service.
We choose happiness
When we see so much go wrong,
We help where we can,
When desperation dogs us
We outstretch our souls again.
Times may be harder
Than we care to like, but there
Is hope future days
Will hold a larger share of
Grace, possibly more delight.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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I think this year has been trying for most of us. Certain days can become gloomy. I thought perhaps this would inspire.

If you need a prompt, pick something out of the ordinary you are dealing with this year and create some work around it. As always, you may use whatever media appeals to your artistic sense.

I wish you well – with great prosperity and splendid blessings.


I need to put my
Hand in yours, loved, secure, wrapped –
I need to rest my
Head on your chest, hear heartbeats –
I need to touch you, be touched,
Do I want too much?
Take me! I am yours, always –
Let me see you smile,
Help me find my place, alive,
Look to me, go on, survive.
The storm, together –
We can carry through – freedom,
We can become real
I see you fit, capable –
Me brave, effort will
Finally, come to fruition.
Dreams, us finding happiness
Amidst all the things that rain –
Tears, fire, light, but more, galore
Gratitude for the blessing –
Found in us having one another –
Strength embraced in love.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Excellent Zeal

The movement of stars
In the firmament of the sky,
Reminds me of how
Your eyes shine with radiance
When you express your passion.
What you are living,
What you love, every treasure,
That moves you to speak;
These things that inspire your heart
Stand with you against the dark.
Everyone has times
They shuffle away from where
Their miracles lie,
But I have seen you become
More than who you were before.
You have the lights turned
High on the goals you must seek,
There is no stopping
Until you find yourself complete
Your soul carries you everywhere.
Bathe in the fountain
Under the moon shining bright,
Know you provided
Encouragement needed to
Help others discover delight.
All who go this way
Live one with the beloved –
Those chosen and set
Apart, who exist in emotions
Deep, wild, free, called to create.
The movement of stars
In the firmament of the sky,
Reminds me of how
Your eyes shine with radiance
When you express your passion.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

So T’is

We, a masterpiece,
Painted love upon the present
Never are erased,
Caresses full of ardor
Colored words our wild passion.

I believed in you
Long enough to breathe your life
Into what was mine,
Now we are never alone
Bound each to one another.

Fixed pieces within
A frame carefully cited
Who we are and may
Become on some future day;
Art skillfully executed.

The purse lies empty,
No one dares to refill it,
Because they want no
Part of its obligation;
Owning possibilities.

I cannot ever
Know because it is yours to
Take, to carry on,
But I love you – despite grief,
Which will not have you, the thief.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

If you wish, your prompt is to create things that demonstrate how you have reality in hand but are somehow outside it. Dare to be the freedom that expresses what is yours and yet beyond yourself. Life is a crucible, be the alchemy.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan