Tiny Tidy Bits

Sadness – written in
Shades of shadow, black and gray,
No way to escape


The music plays, songs
To lift weary hearts, giving
Hope enough to live.


Profuse the lilies
Blooms coloring everything
With smiles, happiness.


Borrow the chatter
Of the squirrels chasing round
A filled bird feeder,
You might find greater delight
Than sitting alone tonight.


Someone left the doors –
Wide-open to delight my heart,
Love, smooth, sauntered in.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

These are my brand of haiku and tanka. I always have fun with counted syllables. Sometimes, the truth will take a chunk out of you when you work with these because being constrained seems to give the mind some ease with content.

Prompt: If you feel inclined, write some haiku and tanka of your own.

My appointment on Monday went exceptionally well.
I am reading some great books.
I went to Aldi and got some food.
Having my little piece of real estate on the internet.
I keep trying even when I am discouraged.

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Have an excellent downhill slide to the weekend. God bless and keep you always.

Counted Syllabics

Knowledge is, is not
Secure enough for full trust,
Hidden remains, much.


Strange, strange, and stranger
The games we all join and play
To avoid boredom.


Finding it again
An unlikely happening
Still, we keep dreaming.


There exist moments
Of which none possess knowledge
Even those present.


Where did we find it?
How were we bound around it?
Why does it exist?
Though it guards it jealously –
Perhaps love knows the answer.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: I played with Haiku and a Tanka here. Should you wish, do some of your own.

After days of shortage, I finally slept.
The gift of writing.
The gift of reading.
The presence of my dogs.
The luxury of time alone.

Tanka Over, Again

The sword hangs above –
Mantel – put safely away,
But eyes caress it
Palms itch its hilt to hold, grasp
Power the blade promises.


Right or Wrong, we can
Become who we mean to be
If we follow dreams
Which take us, loving, beyond –
Familiar habitations.


Writing the wishes
No magic ever renders
For humans are free
Souls crave every destiny,
Love guiding all that will be.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Do you tanka?


We hunger deeply
Like the caterpillars do,
Gorging on sweet leaves
Fills voracious appetite
With what will nourish, transform.

Each moment, nectar,
Gentleness, kindness, loving
Required to convert
From our fearful brokeness –
Emotional fulfillment.

A brightness lingers
Before the silken cacoon
Is spun to contain,
God’s blessed transmutation,
Beauty aburst, butterfly.

Some years, emptiness;
Laid aside as lives become
Select new chapters,
We dare to trust us enough,
Believing love can arrive.

Regarding future
Days as if timeless journeys
When we are treasured
Cherished as unique persons
Wholly believed, complete, loved.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Create something in first person, then turn it plural.

I spent a few hours with Richard.
I have read three books already this month.
I caught a little extra sleep.
The dog did not destroy a lot, just my long-handled duster.
It was quiet today.

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