Auditing the Self

2020-03-21_Auditing the Self

I wrote this poem earlier today but hesitated to post it. Journal Writing and Poetry fit together like dominoes with me. One cannot go far without calling out the other.

Robert Brewer of Writer’s Digest’s April PAD Challenge is starting early this year. You may want to join in on his blog, Poetic Asides. I am considering doing the Poem A Day, but I am already committed here, so we will just have to see.

I hope all of you are finding yourselves not too severely inconvenienced by the Coronavirus and am praying everyone stays well. I am doing usual things, maybe a little more than usually, I do. My dogs seem a bit clingy, and since I am reading and writing a bit more, I am listening to Focus@Will rather than music with vocals. It seems to help me concentrate, which is good because I am stressing.

I helped copy edit the magazines, but our content was down. I sincerely hope events and businesses can restart soon.

When nothing is normal, we have to create a new normal, because our beings require stability. In whatever fashion you can regulate your days, whether reading, writing, working in place, or being outside, I highly recommend it.

As a prompt take the words disruption and normalcy, create something that reflects them. Like always when I present a prompt you are free to take it in any direction your creativity will. I am very much a believer in using as few limits as possible.

God bless and keep you, everyone. Look for those who are attempting to help and join as you may. Smile, nothing lasts forever. Imagine how joyous we will be to see one another again.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

The Journal Habit

If you are dealing with doubt, fear, worry, loss of sleep, any sort of stress, unresolved feelings, anxiety, or mental disturbance, I recommend journal writing. When we journal, it is a form of personal therapy as well as creative expression. It can be highly effective and most inexpensive. There is no need for referrals and insurance approval.

When we work in journals, there are no rules. We bring whatever manifests in our attention to the page. It is beneficial if there is excessive turmoil in life to do a brain dump where all the negativity is lanced and released. A twenty-minute session of free writing with the option to go longer is often helpful.

Beyond the initial purge, a journal can be a proving ground for ideas and other types of creative expression. A journal is simple; we bring who we are to it. We may choose to share or make it a very private space. We use journals to cover seasons of our lives like school, college, jobs, relocating, love affairs, marriage, pregnancy, a new baby, journeys, and everything else. We can claim journals for any time, occasion, event, place, or emotion.

When we read old journals, we progressions and can congratulate ourselves on how we evolved and what we achieved. We find we have many victories. A journal is there as needed. It does not have to capture writing every day, though it can as required.

Journals are like friends who take your thoughts and allow you to explore and reflect on them without judgment, solutions, or criticism. We are allowed space to develop our own best conclusions. This is the beauty of a journal. It can be anything we need and morph into something else as required. We give it value as we choose to use it, and it becomes a reflection of ourselves.

I recommend everyone journal as they will.

This was handwritten in my journal. I encouraged someone with sleep issues to journal and see if it helped. Journal writing is one of the ways I care for myself, I have done it since childhood with long skips at times. I see the website and my previous blog as extensions of my journal, where I choose to share. Creativity and living more comfortably in the world with love are my hopes for my readers. 


Creative Encouragement

I would tell you the creative gig is not for everyone, but I would be lying, and I make no habit of it.

Creativity is the birthright of every person. We cannot engage fully with life and love unless we are actively creative. This means using our minds as imagination engines. Applying knowledge in innovative ways in all spheres of living.

It is important to note that “liberal arts” are not the exclusive domain of creation. Almost every aspect of working, parenting, relationship, home-making, teaching, communication, recreation, planning, cooking, mechanics, and the list continues, is under the direct influence of our creativity.

The more we recognize and incorporate our creative genius in all our ways, every day, the happier and more fully realized our lives become.

Some ways to assimilate creativity in daily living: write by hand, read extensively, study situations and tasks seeking new more efficient ways of dealing with them, making room for fun in our lives, listening to music, singing, playing instruments, spend time with children or read to them, draw, color, practice an art or craft, encourage others, build something, attend exhibits, help others, pick any of these or make up your own.

Please do not neglect your creativity. Your abilities, gifts, skills, and talent are unique. Part of your purpose is using them. You are the only one who can bring your remarkable blend of brilliance to the world. People need every individual striving to add creativity, love, and value to living each day.


Prompt: Pick up a book or magazine. Turn randomly and pick a sentence. Either use the sentence or a word it contains to spark your thoughts. After consideration and allowing your imagination free reign, create something, or let it inspire you to act in your environment.

I encourage you to journal or at least keep a datebook with notes on your activities. A review of these can often facilitate insight into our lives otherwise missing.

We survived February, you and I. I hope that you accomplished more than you expected and enjoyed life as thoroughly as possible. It has been a whirlwind here. Of course, as the new month comes, all the regular suspects make their appearance. Bills, you know, bills. Paying bills though it may be a hassle, shows we are alive and that we are making a way in the world. Having money to meet our obligations is a blessing.

I hope you find special graces in the coming month and can achieve that you most desire.


© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Love like you will live forever,
But always recognize your life
Could end momentarily.

When we choose to love, we move into the realm of the timeless, eternity, infinity. An act of love reverberates through all time; past, present, and future. It changes the course of history and impacts destiny. We are who we are by letting loving flow through us and be spread freely.


Sometimes… it is a hug when we have not seen someone in a while.

Sometimes… it is saying, “I love you,” and meaning it to the depths of our being.

Sometimes… it is listening when someone is over-stressed.

Sometimes… it is a fervently lifted prayer.

Sometimes… it is a note to express love and care, with encouragement and inspiration for good measure.

Sometimes… it is a thoughtful gift.

Sometimes… it is an unexpected call, text, or message.

Sometimes… it is a meal, carefully prepared.

Sometimes… it is a visit, out of the blue.

Sometimes… it is anything we can do to express our love and convey how special someone is to us.

If we work, no matter our vocation, we should dedicate our labor to enriching the lives of others with our love and care. If we become cross and out of sorts, we should remind ourselves that we have a sacred duty to minister to every human and animal, and thing, in love. For it is our respectable calling.

If we can bless the world into which we have been placed with love, kindness, gentleness, generosity, encouragement, and inspiration, perhaps we can guide the planet into a better social and economic state. We can do so much to alleviate pain, death, suffering, poverty if we each become love.

Blessings to each of you. May you reach for your dreams and grasp them, so they become your life. May Love strengthen you in all you do.

Do not give up, do not quit, you have not seen what you are striving for yet. God has better things for you than you imagine.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I had the honor and pleasure to visit here where they cure childhood cancer a while back. Such as this is work of love.


Unique For Reasons…

2020-02-02_Art Journaling

That is what it is all about. If we love one another, we not only give the gift of love away, but it nurtures us and grows us into being love.

When we allow trivialities to come between us, we hinder ourselves. Differences are meant to keep us lively, challenge us, not for us to judge each other harshly and push us apart. If we were all alike, life would be boring.

Are you bored? Reach your love into someone’s life. Meet them where they have a need or just do a simple thing that can make a smile light up a stranger’s eyes. You will find yourself living joy, and the boredom will depart.

We may be unable to meet one another in person, but the worldwide cyber community can be an inspiration and encouragement to us if we invest love in it.

As a prompt, be generous and genuine with others in your circle of influence. Create something expressing your love for life and other lives. Be the gift and watch the gift return to you.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan