Life Applied

Doubt drives, boring a hole, through
The midst of dedicated lives searching
For fortunate answers, viable ideas,
Told in the harmony of truths,
Caught fast in the discord of loss.
We can open ourselves –
Gift one another with reality
Wash deception away with positivity
Discover the best of who we are –
Building value into each heart, soul.
Dancing as we are joyful,
Hugging when we need support,
Facing our dragons together,
Rising like Phoenixes from the ashes
Where nearly slain, we conquered pain.
No weapons fatal required, but reason,
Wisdom studied, prepared, applied,
Freely shared to light a path through
Spaces inhabited by shades of darkness
Securing the light of generosity, kindness,
Love to every area, corner, portion,
All quarters where precious humanity
In gorgeous beauty survives on Earth.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Where the dream falls apart
And our pieces are gathered
Though there be stormy weather
One finds what is hidden – matters –
In the days, events, times given,
A beauty of souls, phenomenal part.
Here to premiere such talent,
Extremely important, past, now,
The time we are sore prepared to welcome
But must live, learning to steer the craft,
Leaning so the raft not capsize
Plunging us to be molested by the waves
Uncaring influence, with due diligence
We enter the depths altogether surrounded.
There exists no up, no down, and prayer,
We cry, hoping we find grace in
A timely, beneficial reply – though –
In a heartache, we wonder if in wandering,
We each turned too far aside, too insensitive,
For the Lord in His mercy to arrive,
Make His presence known for one,
Alone, if it matters, this life to abide.
How we must each together
Summon the gumption to recall –
One is never only, all creation,
Every population supports who
We trust ourselves to be,
We must learn the lesson, LOVE,
Is greater than individuality –
The Fruit of God – purposefully.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Most times, I avoid
Saying no, telling others
I am unhappy,
I stand by reflectively
Keeping discomfort hidden.
When I must speak out
My emotions take control,
Volume escalates
I am loud and shake because
I do not like to cause pain.
Mainly I suffer
When I am strong, I belong
To take care of those
Who call upon me in need
Even when it is wrong for me.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

This is one of my struggles. I think life taught me and I am trying to learn better.


The occasion flashed
By like the thunder’s rumble
In the lightning’s wake;
The calendar says days passed –
But time did not linger, no.
Nae way to savor
Except in the instant when
We paused to caress,
Present twinkling, we like stars
Became bodies made regal.
A dance, a song, lived
Evanescent, only ours,
Beautiful freedom
With one another conjoined
Still ourselves, we become us.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


Journals are exercise, keeping imagination fit for bigger things. No holes barred, no trapeze, why have a net? I have shared journal pages a lot over the years. It does not intimidate me, revealing creativity in the raw.

I know the hype is you should keep journals locked away, but I attempt to be as real and open as possible when I share work. If you do not use a journal, I recommend it highly for increasing your output. You may share or not, as so pleases you.

The composition book I am now using has dots instead of lines. I am unused to this. It may take a bit for my handwriting to catch up.

Being back home is somewhat lonely, but the dogs like it.

Entry 38 for September. I am shocked by how much I have worked this year. Committing to an entry per day or more has given me a structural framework. I recommend 365 projects. I have done them before. Mine – I call a Creativity Project, but if you begin, name it as you like.

As a prompt, consider your creative goals. Are you taking action to achieve them? Do you have a purpose in mind? Create something that affirms your efforts.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Thank you for spending time with me. I hope you found encouragement and inspiration. If you like, you may follow the site or come back as you like. I am working here daily. There is always something new.