Not Being

I am not being today,
I am still human
Because I was born that way –
But being, I have not
The energy, inspiration, or heart
I cloak myself in gloom
And hide away cocooned.
I disappear best I can
Make no contact with humans,
Maybe I will burn out
Like the main over-loaded,
Or fade away like jeans
Worn and washed too
Often because they fit a way.
I cannot be; alone is too
Much for me, but there is
No one who wishes me
To see, speak, love
I am a left-over no longer
Fit to any appetite.
Life becomes a tune
Turned down, a whisper,
I cannot dance it right,
I continue, locked out the doors
So living is a complex device;
I am not being today.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Moods steal over me from time to time; I am okay, just aware. I guess it is incredibly revealing, but I am honest.

Prompt: Create something that reveals a portion of yourself often protected from view.

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