Immortality = Creativity


If we desire to leave a legacy in the world that will long outlive the few years we spend on Earth, our creative output is sure to remind the future that we once thrived. The worth of our lives to those who follow will be measured by creations which survive.

No matter the medium in which we create much of what we leave will be preserved if we practice our talents and become exceedingly proficient in our creative fields.

If we examine history, it is less often the titans of industry who are remembered than those who were bold enough to create. The maker’s work passes from generation to generation, inspiring people long after the creative soul’s bones have become dust.

We stand in awe of drawings on the walls of caves. New recordings of century’s old music thrill us. The words of times long past, left by those who sought to bring clarity to living still inspire us. Paintings and sculptures of bygone eras hold pride of place in our public spaces and museums.

Our creations will mark our moments and tell the world our time, our lives were precious. We are leaving a legacy that will shape the world of tomorrow in what we do today.

I encourage you to study your tools, perfect your skills, practice as if life depends on it, because in reality it just may. You have something to birth into the world of space and time that no other human can ever produce. Be encouraged that you are able to make a difference, not just now, but in the deep future.

As a prompt draw up a rough plan of what you want to accomplish creatively by the end of 2017. It can be as simple or complex as you wish. Then set about making the goal you have real.

Gratitude is a virtue that makes way for more abundance in our lives. Today, I am grateful for the beautiful snow that has fallen. I am also thankful that the electricity is still powering my home. You may find it beneficial to take stock of your blessings each day. It tends to lend more satisfaction to living.

Thank you so much for visiting Haphazard Creative. I hope you have gained something in your visit. Please click the follow button, or if you prefer, come back soon.

Enjoy life, create beauty, be well, and bless you.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


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