Thoughts with photographs

I will fly into the storm, pelleted by the driving rain, buffeted by the raging wind, but I will conquer, I will fly out victorious in the end.

1 The Winding Road

I have only this;
I am willing to love each
One, with my whole heart.


Sometimes we avoid what we should be doing. We say we are too busy or we do not have the time. We can always find an excuse to avoid creative work. The investment of ourselves it requires is tremendous, and it is almost all-consuming. If we wish to grow our talents, abilities, and gifts, we must dedicate ourselves to expending what we now possess in the hope of becoming more competent and skilled.

What we love, what compels us, will draw us even when we are excusing ourselves away from our real purpose. Creativity is not a sometime occupation, it is the drive that makes us alive. Love and creation are inexorably entwined, we send goodness into the world through our endeavors.

I have been away from Haphazard Creative because working here requires an intensity of me that I do not always feel I can create. I fiddle-faddle on Facebook and avoid dedicating the time I need to put in to make a post worthy of this space. Maybe I will come here more often, I shall hope so.

If you wish a prompt, explore what keeps you from the creative work you desire to do. See if you can devise a plan that will convince you to put in the effort. We cannot accomplish great things without we decide they are more critical than our leisure.

Thank you so much for visiting Haphazard Creative. I hope you enjoyed your time here and that you will click the follow button, or come again as you are able.

Be blessed, and share your love with the world. Many need your light in times of darkness.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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