Recognizing Ourselves

Sometimes there is a tendency to omit potions of who we are from our claim of ourselves. To become stronger people, fully identifying traits, characteristics, gifts, skills, propensities, adds multi-dimensional depth. It also allows us to become aware of areas we may wish to improve.

Noting those things at which we excel may increase our confidence and encourage us to make existential changes that better align with our heightened abilities and bring us to make moves that allow more success and happiness into our lives. Maybe an inventory might propel us from a job we hate to a career that expresses our passion.

If we deal with things we believe to be liabilities, after identifying them, we may find ways to reframe them more positively. We are all individuals, we are all different, society may see some of our differences as undesirable, but that value judgment may be invalid in reality. We determine who we are. No one else has the right to label us or box us. The box is in another dimension in an undiscovered universe. We are free to be who we wish, but sometimes exploration must be done to find our niche.

As we enter a new year and new decade, we have open horizons, various potentialities, exciting opportunities. We must know who we are, our hopes, our desires, how we deal with everything we encounter and believe we have worth. All of us are precious, all of us have abilities, talents, gifts, and skills to share.

May we respect ourselves and each other and nurture those things we can bless others through.

Happy New Year! Do you, be well, change as you must, and conquer your limitations, because there are no limitations just challenges to enlarge who you are.

© Jo Ann J.A. Jordan

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Goals – 2020 – Read more, Write more, Smile more, Cry less, Pray often, Study more, Leash my temper, Be a better friend/kin, Go places, Tame the Wookie, Consume less, Conserve, Recycle, Finish Otherwise Entertained, Finish Creativity book, Cook, which I can well, but hate, Eliminate negativity, exhibit POSITIVITY, Learn to understand I am not broken, I am gifted with difference, Stay far from places that do not welcome me.

Write, Write, WRITE!

I am thankful for the rich lessons of 2019 and look forward to the opportunities of 2020.

I am secreting it away down here where no one will care or notice, but this begins my 2020 Creativity Project, I think, maybe.

2 thoughts on “Recognizing Ourselves

  1. Love it!
    A great way to start the year!
    I ended 2019 with a 31 day writing project that, while it had some readers, got little feedback.

    I hope to return to more writing in 2020, and attract more readers and comments.


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