Negative Emotion = Positive (Re)Action

Day Three – 2020 Creativity Project

Let’s unpack this, I am (tentatively) committing to do this every day for the year. I have done it before, but it has been a while, and it was on Chronicles.

Generally, our negative emotions are powerful, cause discomfort for us, and those who are within reach, but we can rechannel them as creative energy to fuel the work we wish to do.

Some things which may be done are taking anger and engaging in positive dialog with ourselves about what irritates us and reframing it as motivation. Instead of giving in to the destructive impulse to tear ourselves down, we can invest in building our self-esteem with affirmations and creations that validate our being.

Irritation does not have to continue into a foul mood; writing, drawing, cooking, making or listening to music, or other enjoyments, can redeem the time in such a way that it becomes constructive.

The power of NO can also be a tremendous positive force. When our lives are overextended, or we are dealing with issues beyond normal limits, it is okay to say, “NO.” It is okay to schedule some time for recreation, creation, and recharge. Even when we are swamped we can find a few moments to reset.

We must be best-friends with ourselves, whatever that requires. Self-care is not optional; if it is left undone, the significant adverse health effects it produces can shorten or make miserable our lives.

Gratitude is an optimal tool for elevating mood. Once we begin to see all the wonders in our lives, our discontent and unhappiness begin to lessen.

As this year kicks off, let us all demand it be one of the best ever. Our smiles, joy, confidence, kindness can impact the world around us in myriad ways. Let’s be who we wish everyone could be.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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