Nobody, But You, Now

Day Four – 2020 Creativity Project 

We have the present, we look forward to the future, but unfortunately, sometimes we allow ourselves to view time and living through the lens of the past. This often robs us of opportunity and causes us to limit ourselves to patterns that do not serve us.

If we invest all our effort in the things before us, letting go of attitudes and habits which restrict our horizons, we live fully and vividly alive.

Let us encourage one another to don our best selves each day and create lives where we are the heroes and heroines we wish to encounter. If we do not step up, there is a possibility that no one will.

Little things that may make a difference: Holding a door for someone with more than hands full; separating items for recycling; reading stories to calm children down; writing notes to people who receive insufficient recognition. Sharing inspirational articles or original thoughts; recommending suitable reading materials; singing to lift spirits. Speaking affirmative words to others and helping someone with onerous chores. Probably those are enough to get brains in gear.

We may sometimes feel insignificant, but our lives have purpose and meaning. God creates no junk, so each of us is precious. Little things, small words, gentleness can lead to change in the world. When we are kind, we are wearing our super-suits, because much in the world is hard and kindness makes life more bearable.

Everyone is important, everyone has something to contribute that no one else can provide. When we share love, we tear fissures in the vulgar meanness that permeates so many days. Sometimes we erase the shadows entirely and beauty unimaginable blooms.

Be a hero, you are, and now the world needs you. If you turn away, who will follow your example and live a less useful life going forward? Someone, you may never realize, is watching, you are their star. Be a positive world-changing influence; it is who you were meant to be.

Nobody, But You, Now!

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2016-11-19 Unfolding Rose

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