The reach was further
Beyond ordinary magic
Than creative imagination
Love, though, remained unbound
Like the expanding universe
Unbordered by any expectation
By human mental faculties
Enshrouded in a limited matter
Hoping to transcend experience
Outside into the rarity
Of all that passes for probable
Infinity, which is only uncountable,
This love, faces, races ahead present
To present catching heart
Kindling immediate need open
Calling alive each precious life
Birthing every impossibility
Which grows, becomes, builds,
Seeing, what is seen?
Knowing, what knowledge is known?
Becoming, what change is, becomes?
Lies in between thought and reality
The unwilling limit, calculated
In freedom, love redeemed,


Fear is a strong force
Often able to strangle
Warm feelings of love.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Author: Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

My life has gone through some rapid changes of which I had no control so I am now trying to find new purpose and meaning. There is an adventure in this and I am excited to move forward.

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