I always have a grateful heart, but tonight I want to share some things for which I thank the Lord.

During this time, when there are significant disruptions for many, a lot is typical for me. I did have to spend more than I was prepared to on groceries, pet food, fuel, and seeing things all in disorder upset me. The thing is we are good now.

  1. I have devices and the internet, the electric and internet are currently paid.
  2. I have access to music in abundance.
  3. I have books (you all know I have an abundance plus I picked up library books last Thursday, and long as services stay up, I have Kindle).
  4. I have art supplies.
  5. I have journal supplies.
  6. I have pens, pens are important.
  7. I have dogs. Wookie and Tribble challenge me to keep going, (when Wookie is not trying to kill me, we are working on that).
  8. There is a full tank of gas in the Explorer, and I just paid the payment and insurance for six months.
  9. The taxes on the house were mailed. The insurance is paid.
  10. My pain though disconcerting, is almost manageable.
  11. God granted me a fertile imagination so I can entertain myself adequately.
  12. I have the best best-friend in the world.
  13. Should it get cold, the propane is full.
  14. I have water.
  15. No one stole my toilet paper, and I had Kleenex.
  16. My meds are set until late next month.
  17. Everyone I am distant-close to is doing well, although I think some are very inconvenienced.
  18. I am keeping uppermost in my mind, when possible, that God is in control.
  19. Tonight I am shuffling songs (almost 10,000) on my iPod, and I truly wish everyone could witness this concert.
  20. Of course, I am grateful for each and everyone who reads my drivel. I will try not to inflict a list like this on you anytime soon.

I just hope everyone else is safe and okay. I really love all of you, and I want everything to be alright. If you have someone near, give them a hug, or tell someone you love them. Everyone needs love in times like these.

As a prompt, write down a few things you are thankful your life is blessed with today.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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