If You Are Wondering… Bonus 🥰😍🤗

At times, I will neglect my creativity. I work better when I challenge myself and have self-imposed deadlines. The 2020 Creativity Project is a daily marathon of Creativity. I must post and, therefore, must produce.

When I create, it often opens the sluice gates on what holds all my wild in; the dam cannot keep my mind contained. I want to finish my novel and my book on creativity this year. I think I have a chance since I committed to this.

If you are a Creative, however, that defines you, you may find it beneficial to set tasks and goals of which you refuse to let yourself slip out.

I try to share inspiring things and prompts, but some of those posts get no views. I am puzzled by what is happening here, but I have this to do, whether seen or not.

I write everything here, and all the pictures are mine. I chose the design and outfitted it. Since three years old such things have consumed me. I cannot drop it and survive.

I have not run central heat all Winter so I could afford the site cost for Premium. Worth it, I declare. You see no commercials; I got the Entrepreneur theme. Thank God for my Mom’s electric blanket.

I posted so many times yesterday; it was crazy. I proofed for about four hours and took a semi-nap, I hardly sleep without taking pills to turn my mind off — the little perk of my disorder.

Maybe I say too much about myself, I apologize if you think so, but one of my dearly held purposes on the web has always been to raise mental health/illness awareness. It is one of my only ways to contribute as a disabled person. If only…

Now, away and away, business be done.

February is coming; it could sneak up on you, Valentine’s Day. I am all about love, so it is one of my most favorite days. The stores put out the Valentine goodies before Christmas is done, though. Does anyone else think it is shameless overkill? Oh, let’s get out of that morass before we are swallowed up.

I think love should be celebrated every day in every beautiful way, but for I Heart You Day: If you and your someone are going for dinner and a movie, why not ride a horse-drawn carriage. If that is too much, enlist a single person to chauffeur you. You lovebirds sit in back, stealing kisses and caresses on your way. A photoshoot where you go to a studio with costuming and get made and gussied up will be a forever memory. Alternatively, you could hire a photographer, dress in frills, make-up, for the thrills, and be photographed at a place near the heart of your relationship or a scenic spot that will become a new favorite.

I am single, you too? It is okay; we love it also. Pick up your most coveted meal fixings and prepare it beforehand, so you only need to heat it. Buy yourself something you have wished for; it does not have to be expensive. Wrap that up. Pick up a ravishing desert. Now, celebrate with a binge-watch of the shows you have meant to get to while enjoying the rest.

Any of you who feel the need could hire one of your favorite poets to write personalized love poems made to order; also, some might even be able to provide accompanying art, photography, or graphics.

Queen recorded some great love songs. Freddie, Bri, Roger, and John have always been some of my favorite artists, and now with Adam and their recent and current tours, there is plenty of work on YouTube. Take a listen, rock your mood.

Ah, work calls, you are released.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Hearts have this strange way, you know, like the magic which we never allow its slipping into the clouds. The lightning would be spectacular and potentially frazzle dazzle everything.

Simple is OKAY


Time is valuable because it goes in one direction, and we cannot buy it or get a moment back once it has passed. How we spend it is immensely consequential. It is well to use it for our betterment. Sometimes creation is best because it grounds us at the moment, and the accomplishment can elevate our mood. Endorphins are way cool. There is a calming effect with creativity if we can eject the internal critic.

The critic can be a right pain. When we try to write, it can tell us how wrong we are. When we attempt art, the critic is likely to say, “Oh, that is so childish, it cannot be shared.” With poetry, there is a comparison to any number of celebrated poets, and of course, the poem is not worth the words used. A book, “You think you can write a book, you cannot even sort socks.” A song, “Nah, go listen to XYZ, you will never be that good.”

The best advice is to totally ignore the critic unless we are in “editing mode.” Ideally, the first draft is complete before any edits. Most critics are stubborn brats, even if we throw them to the curb, they come back, like significant others we toss out who keep showing up in places we wish they would not be.

My use of we is because I prefer not to use first-person when I can do without it. It is not a tic because of circumstances. Sometimes I am very self-conscious, let’s amend that to always. Life’s a beach.

Anyway, when we create, we are aiming for enlightenment and results, not to please the nasty critic. The critic is a hater, internalized. Most of us would be well to send ours to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, bury the cur there, and leave forever. Good luck with that!

When we write a lot, art or photography can still engage us in the making but allow us some lightness of being, without the hard struggle of language. It is like the valve atop a pressure cooker. We can ease off the accelerator and coast downhill with art, writing can feel like a curvy mountain road’s ascent. Watch out for falling boulders. For some of us, all creativity is a minefield, but when we make it across, we feel ultimately alive.

A friend wants more exposure. This person is extremely talented. The recommendation of a website was made. Maybe it will happen. Advised the name for a site is a priority. The web address should be memorable and fast to type, short because most will avoid extended ones.

Haphazard Creative came to be because there was a desire to highlight creativity as it is an integral part of any process. A mentor recommended a bunch of names that were in a preexisting list. When Haphazard came up, that was deemed right, because one can find almost anything here. This was a new chapter of online life. Chronicles existed before and has the previous Creativity Project on it.

Ah, Simple is OKAY. Everything does not have to be perfect. Perfection is a lie. We do not need perfection, we need to be our best. There are times when just creating whatever is enough because one work can lead to another. Life is hard enough without pressuring ourselves to compete with some ideal. When we do our best, it is all we have at the moment, and we are always precious. Love is all around us, inside us, in anything we do, and anywhere we are. We are not alone; we are cherished.

This meanders, but what we need to remember is the purpose is love. It is simple. Life is given for passion, and creativity expresses love in so many beautiful ways.

Banish the critic, create, be you, reach for your highest goals, be wonderful wherever you wander, because you already are.

Love’s living expression now,
Blessing forever.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I once began a novel called “Whispers In The Mailbox.” It wound up like this, slain by the overzealous critic… Do not let it happen to you.


Motivation, My Brand


This rock fascinates me; well, most big rocks make me wonder. I like small stones too, but I use to watch large rocks moving around because of workers on tractors and in dump trucks. There were also the boulders we set dynamite in, after drilling, and a lever push made them blow. Georgia is full of rock and red clay. LOL.

Anyway, I took this yesterday with the Sony camera, and I thought which I always do. I wanted to draw, but I think you know creating art intimidates me. I am a perfectionist, and there is desire, but there is fear. The fear I am not good enough at it. This morning I got a sketchbook, drawing pencils, and colored pencils out. I created something. It really has little relationship to the photo, I did not look at the picture except a glance at the file last night. The photo was what drew me to try.

Creativity is not an easy thing, though it is inherent. We all have abilities, we can all do creative things. Maybe you cook, dance, play music or sing, organize items, create presentations, graphs, pie charts, lesson plans, a wardrobe, furnish a house, anything. Liberal arts are not the only home of creativity, life is creative. The thing is to create positive outcomes for yourself and others.

Perfection is a lie, read that again. Perfection can clog the creative flow, it is as close as we get to block. When we want perfect results, we can stop ourselves from doing what we can do. If we do not do, we can never become better. We lockdown and fail to grow or produce.

Maybe we want a tremendous experience, and we devalue ourselves, our lives. Life, creativity, love, accomplishment is in the little mundane things. It is great to do something outstanding, but we have a lot of ordinary moments, and we can choose to recognize that those are precious too. We may find joy, gratitude, in relationships, in the wonderful taste of what is eaten even if it is often eaten, in the fact we can reach others around the world, the songs played, the soft touch of the fabric on the body, writing with an ink pen, the smell of pencils, a warm shower, a safe environment, our pets, the families God gave us, any gift.

Ah, I guess you should see the creation before you go.

I hope you find the courage to recognize the beauty of your life.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2020-01-12_Moonrise with Rock and Trees


Day 10 – 2020 Creativity Project


Post Three for Today

It always seems days like the tenth are incredibly productive for me. I never understand why the muse, inspiration, whatever you may call the force that pours creativity forth has days when it is like an uncorked fire hydrant spewing everywhere. Actually, if I allow, it is present a lot.

I took the cameras out for a few minutes. I meant to use the Sony, but the battery blacked, and the extra battery was also dead. I took the Nikon out with a telephoto lens on it, and I had been away a while, so I was thrown by it, not taking pictures. The light was poor, my distance was too near. I finally got a few shots. It is terrible that I have been relying on my cellphone’s camera so much.

The above shot is with the Sony, unedited. It is not quite as I would like, but the device went dark, so there I had it.

By Design

I went in search of
Happiness, but came to find
It is not a thing
Hidden beyond me, oh no,
I contain it in my mind.
I choose attitudes
Every moment, every day,
If I am down-hearted
I must make it otherwise
And exuberance I can try.
The clouds and thunder,
Rain – does not determine how
I come to think, feel,
I make a designation to
Positive or negative,
So just now, I pick my joy with love.

This is not to discount depression, because that struggle is real, but we do have some power over our feelings, at least at times. I have Schizo-Affective Disorder, so depression is a home place too. It takes a lot to fight, but fight we must because if we let loose our control, we can be driven deep in areas hard with dark to escape.

I wonder why I am doing this, cause it has been bad days for the site, but I have words, so…

I think maybe learning one of my favorite musicians died of brain cancer made me trot something out. RUSH is a top band in my estimation. I saw them twice in that magical 1979 to 1981 period when I was at a concert or the movies every week. Neil Peart, Rest In Peace. See ya.


Find something, create. Build something beyond yourself, because you are real.

Do well, be active, keep going, you are loved.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


My son, Alex, who is an adult, has been visiting since mid-December, except for some weekends he went to visit others. He is making a move back here to Georgia from out West.

Things are different when your child is an adult, it seems I get corrected more than ever. It is bearable, well, we are still speaking to one another.

One thing we had discussed accomplishing while he was here with me was dealing with all the things Mom left behind and other clutter I am so adept at accumulating. Picture border-line hoarder, here. I collect things and collect things and more things. I can admit I run amok.

We got Mom’s room under enough control that he can sleep back there, and we carried off an Explorer load of clothes to GoodWill. There is still so much.

If you are a person like me or are dealing with someone like me, strap on your patience good and tight and stay hydrated. This declutter crap is harrowing and no wimps need apply. I can only take it in spurts and even then I have rip-roaring headaches. Most things he sees as just junk, I know all the history about and could spend significant time explaining. Yeah, cue the Eagles, “Get Over It!”

I worked part of the kitchen today. It has not been a blue-ribbon day. I did make admirable progress in my estimation, clearing some counters, moving things, rearranging others. The really dismal thing is I am not a fast person, I am meticulous. Not exactly the best trait when trying to throw away a lifetime of collected stuff (for you enlightened beings, that probably translates as JUNK.)

Dishes that are of the original or close to that pattern of Corelleware can probably leave. The stuff Mom brought home from yard sales that I wished she had never seen, those go too. Where did all these margarine tubs and lids come from? Mom never met one she did not like. The bowls with all the pretty colors and patterns, we are not doing so good over. Ever heard, “I might need it someday?”

The worst of it is he wants me to get rid of some books. To say I am attached to ALL my books would not be overstating my situation.

Anyway, I think I raised a drill sergeant in disguise, recruiter duty did that set of pipes no justice, none at all.

He is working on his novel when I am not on his radar for repudiation. I am working on this when I can get to it. I need to HideAway as Mick Jagger sings about so well.

Things are looking better. I have to admit that, just the process is so painful I would like to get the heck out of dodge.

I hope all of you are meeting your goals, beginning 2020 right. I have high expectations for everything we can accomplish in the coming weeks. Life is such a blessing and flees from us so soon. Every day is precious and we should spend our time improving lives with love and being who we wish.

A river running
Throughout space and time, all us
Loving, living, wise.
As a prompt, look at the poem above. It is my favorite type of poem, a Haiku. It is syllabic, where you count syllables, first-line – five syllables, second-line – seven syllables, final line – five syllables. Write some of your own, they are excellent creativity warm-up exercises.

Gratitude is a balm to the soul. If you will regularly make lists of the things for which you are thankful more happiness and blessings will find you.

I am grateful:

  1.  It was not raining so much today.
  2.  I made progress in the kitchen.
  3.  I have adequate medications.
  4.  My son is visiting.
  5.  I came into this year without being alone.

Thank you for the time you have taken to visit Haphazard Creative. I hope you found something to inspire, entertain, or just make you think. There is a follow button or come back at your whim. God Bless You and Yours, Always!

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan