Production Today

Connections Play

There is no secret
No perfect way to handle
All the things life gives –
It is only now, living
Through each moment, we are, have.
Alarm bells clanging,
Favorite songs playing, blare,
Everything is there
To keep us wanting, needing –
Engaged in doing, being.
We are the present
Happening over, in time,
Carrying talent
Gifts to share fairly and kind
Leaving no regrets behind.
Love is our reason
Even when we cannot rhyme
In all the doing
Filling each second of life –
Understanding the plot line.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan
Friday, September 9, 2022

Further work with these elements:

Copyright – Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Sunday’s Thoughts

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I wrote these with a fountain pen, which is not my best instrument. These are my journal pages. If you read them, you will get insight into where and what my state of mind is.

I would have scanned them into the computer, but my equipment and the program did not cooperate with me. Therefore, I did the phone as I have for the past months.

Showing journal pages is a level of openness I can do, but it is a bit uncomfortable. I have no idea how this audience will react, so it is a gamble.

How revealing can you be? Consider that a prompt.

Blessings, I hope, always find you. Jesus, lend you peace. Live, alive, and Love cause that is why we are here on Earth.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2022 Creativity Project – March 15

Edge Refined (Ukraine)

Music, the heart of
All we belong ever to
Be, now, futurity.
A blessing given us each
For oceans, smiles, trees, outreach.
Love, a dream, elemental,
Fogging into simple clarity
Samples stolen to taste –
Teaching capitalism with need,
Democracy allows means.
Freedom, chosen couple,
Traveling hand in hand, knowing
Life, a treasure together,
Seeking harmony to continue
Home, dreams, love – now, forever.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

2022 Creativity Project – Feb. 12

Moonlight Symphony – © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Moonlight Symphony

Can you feel the kiss
Of the light upon your face,
The breezy caress
Coming to you from deep space,
Love for you in every trace?
Are you open to
Songs finding their way to you,
Whispering your name?
So many gifts time brings, romance,
Love chooses heartstrings to woo.
How precious are you
The moon in a sky, you light –
Night, dance around and around
A delightful perfection of sound.
Always cherished
A moonlight symphony in motion
Eliciting continual devotion –
Love lifting high, bringing round,
A partner in you now found.

It is time, you know, time for the love creations. Even if you are not a poet, you might give it a whirl for your best guy or girl. If you lack romance, write as if you caught a glance.

Gratitude List
1) I went to Sam’s today.
2) Newsboys.
3) Having an extra screen protector.
4) Strangers assisted me because I was having difficulty.
5) Airheads.

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Smile, you are a gift from the Hand of the Creator and have infinite worth. Love is your birthright and your destiny.

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