Seven-Fourteen, Always

I ain’t playing silly games
Running around, outside the flames,
I square my heart inside the fire
Committing LOVE, not plain desire.
All I want is – all of you
I will give my best to make it true,
Who knows, our events may align
Becoming better occasions over time.
My LOVE is full, given free
With hope, it will return to me,
I do not intend to steal
For what is taken seldom proves real.
Come closer now, let us see
If the sparks will flare and us be.
Sweet, dear, kind, bright star-shine,
Will you come near and be mine?

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

This is a song, well, would be. I am too afraid to sing. Anyway, I had to leave my walking circle and hurry to my journal. I lost a line. I had five. I added four on the computer.

Do any of you care about the creative process as I experience it? I do not know. I always find notes about how things were made enlightening.

I had an eclectic set playing before. Jumping all over genres. While I was composing and finishing in the bedroom, there was no music.

I wish I were brave! Please, always be brave!

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I would usually put a pretty picture here because posts with images… Photoshop crashed because something is up with the hard-drive handler. I want to post an hour ago. No pic peeps, sorry.

A Thing, Well A Few

Prompted Positive Poetry’s Prompt #61 was “Fishnet.” I went off in a strange direction and did some derivations on a photo.

2020.06.09 Clockworks edited changed

This is not the poem I lost; I liked it better. I am toying with thoughts of which I cannot be the host. Catch release is all the rage to my overactive mind. Not sure I like the electric blue either, but black looked all wrong.

This following is out of the very verbose journaling. Those are two conjoined Tanka.


This existence is
Riddled with holes, the who, what,
How, why, that I am –
Knowing it is not enough
Normal for others to want.
Me, just wishing to
Belong somewhere with someone,
Who fully loves me
Though I am strange within – out,
Who would reassure my doubts.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I have a free trial of Spotify Premium. I love the Deep Focus channel, the one simply titled, Sleep, and oh, Music for Reading. Of course, The Rolling Stones and Queen get playtime as well.

I wonder if I should catch you up on my reading. I have not done that in a while, and there are some titles you might like.



2020-05-27_ Isolate

Well, as usual, Mr. Squier proved a tremendous inspiration. There is one mistake in this I did not catch before I put it on the glass. I can live with a little imperfection when I have been reading loads of it in eBooks lately. I am generally good at catching my faults and heavily berating myself over them. Yeah, gotta LET IT GO!

I told you all I had four pages left in the journal, well, it is now full. I have to find a new companion to see me through the Summer. Not sure about that thing at all. Choices, choices, ain’t that the burn of change? The dog will bite if you don’t put him right in his place. Color, plain, patterned, thick, thin, wired, bound, cheap paper, something with tooth, dot, lined, blank, leather, paperboard, wood – see, you know I have to think this over. It is much more a thing because I take my journal everywhere I go. I never know when the need to write is going to ambush me. You know I write a little bit, well, LOL!

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Sound Enthused

Music is a straight-up
Drug with intoxicating
Emotional reach
Highly motivational
Potentially erotic.
The magic extends
Upon the open airwaves
Convincing people
Belonging is a birthright
Which is forever present.
Love arrives in tones
Familiar as breathless sighs,
Ebon lashes of closed eyes,
Harmony convinces these
Are uncommon mystery.
Melody does not
Shout anyone’s name and still
Far-reaching it grabs
Hearts it touches all the same,
Captive but free, each remains.
All are apt contained
Within the magic wrought frame
Of clef, note, staff, word,
Carried farther than ever,
Lyrics often repeated.
Voices, instruments –
Delight, enhance, entrance while
None ever wanders
Long from transporting power
Of songs become legacy.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


This picture was taken at the Georgia Aquarium. It is currently my desktop background. 

If music became
A picture, truth it might find,
In nature, sublime.

Make your days count for something, or you may find you only wasted time.

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Tanka and Haiku (Again)


Balancing Heaven,
Earth with kindness, love, prayer,
Know God’s blessings
Graciously bestowed upon
Us will always continue.


Life is a blessing
Given every one of us
To cultivate love
Filtered by grace into each
Situation we may face.


Music is living
The everyday, everything,
Holding loving hearts.


Love is a challenge
We take eyes open, minds full,
Giving all we have.


You are giving me
The heart to face life again,
A swan on water.


Most believe life flows,
Wherever it must take us,
A breeze through treetops.


When hope becomes all
You possess, nothing real much
Matters anymore.


Extraordinary –
Alone, is a desert wasteland,
With you, a garden
Bountiful, delightful, lush,
We find ourselves, then others.


I hope creation is going well for all of you. May you be blessed with inspiration.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan