This Now

Now is an extension
Of every now this pandemic
Has held us, hostage;
For some, it began with
The first announcement,
There was a disturbing
Feeling, an uneasy inkling.
One hopes for the best,
But it is nowhere found,
A world on lockdown.
Life at home becomes
The new normal,
Some find themselves
Desperate for escape,
Some grow fearful of any
Exterior contact, staying sheltered.
Children homeschooled,
Telecommuting, lay-offs,
Entertainments canceled,
Doctors, nurses, medical
Professionals pressed beyond
Human limits, risking all,
And steadily, death tolls rise.
We are yet together, connected
Because of virtual life,
All of us, aware, knowing,
Hoping that humanity can go
Forward into a now where
Dying is no longer a constant
Fear, contagion is not everywhere,
A now where we can embrace
One another in loving security.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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