Cheer up, lovely, there
Is a new thing up, going,
It may be so rare
But it has gifts, with you to
Share; if you are nimble, willing.
Staring into the distance
Will conquer nothing except –
Perhaps inspire you
Within time you are scoffing
At restrictions unwanted.
No, we did not ask,
We had no idea time would
Come around for us,
But in dreams maybe a hint –
What foreseeably could be.
Plaster on a smile
Make it real after a while,
You can have it all
If you are willing to give –
Sacrifice the conveinence.
Living is never
Dependent on one just thing
Fate turns on many
Inexplicable factors,
Variable we must become.
The ocean, the shore,
Giving, taking, come and go,
This life, no one knows
Where it finally deposits
Us, until delivered there.
Do as seems the best,
Stash your worry inside hope
Then navigate time
As if you owned it presently,
Because you do invariably.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

How It Goes

We gave no others
Those things we found alone,
We shared together
Otherwise, outside space, time,
Our reasons belonged to us.

In lonely hours
We scored companionship through
Impulses on screen
Then called feelings provoked
Newly forged reality.

When corporeal
Life faded early adopters
On the cutting edge
Became those most easily
Able to adjust and thrive.

Became the measure of
The pandemic age
Love at a distance rewarded
Those who could communicate
Fluidly in all states whether
Screen distant or face to face.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

My computer has a completely new attitude and works like a dream, thanks to my guru. I hope all of you are doing well. 

As a prompt, think about the changes in your life recently, create something that embodies what you are going through. Alternately, create something about how you hope things will be in the future.

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Love For All

Did you check yourself?
Are you sure of your safety?
Can you predict an end?
We may think we are certain
But then the questions begin.
Wraps like a hair shirt
Around the entire planet
Weighing like plate mail,
Suffocation of fond hopes
Near destruction of dreams.
A broken-down jalopy
In an emergency lane
With a full tank of gas
But the motor will probably
Never have the energy to go.
Making erroneous
Decisions on policy
They should not command,
But who better to make the call
When bafflement has us all?
Can it be maintained
At a distance, quarantined?
It seems a puzzle
Everyone on our own, alone,
Our sanctuary not now home.
Love all together
Simple relationships, hugs,
Smiles, sweet, friendly faces,
These give value to our world
Without which living is mean.
For all, each person
Has become evermore dear
Of loss without fair warning
In a nightmare, wishing for dreams.
Nothing lasts forever
Love always wins in the end.
We have without doubt,
Survived worse and have methods
To help us get through the mire.
All, love is an answer
We have creativity
To send our kindness
Wherever the greatest need
And we shall triumph indeed.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I decided to use part of the last line of a recent poem as a jump in point and title for this one. Going to something previously written is often an excellent prompt. This took a life of its own. I was in no way planning a pandemic poem. I like the images. I hope you enjoy it too.


I do not know how others do it. Many just fall into this thing called sleep. For me, it is a challenge, a runaway I cannot catch. I want it, believe me, I dream of it, but it evades me.

I have Schizo-Affective disorder, which among other annoyances and gifts, means that losing sleep can catapult me into psychosis. Nowhere I want to travel because my symptoms are ever-present, but in psychosis, I entirely lose reality. I am compliant on medication, but for about two weeks, my brain will not turn off, and my pain recommends destruction.

Two to four hours of rest is insufficient. Insomnia is a unique brand of torture. In a pandemic, it is a thing of unusual cruelty.

Posting this may be too much information, but one day, perhaps someone will want to understand these struggles. I love having long days, but it is essential to plunge beneath the stream of Lethe for some hours.

I am uncertain what has caused this prolonged disturbance. Almost always, my meds send me into slumber, but not recently.

The battles with my hyperactive mind have increased. Not a problem yet, but let’s not ride the boat over the falls.

Anyway, that is my condition note. What quest are you all on?

As a prompt, think about something has become a sign of this pandemic in your life. Not only losing mobility in the world but an effect that you are experiencing personally. Create a work that gives this authenticity.

I will come about with a more typical post later.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan