No Rehearsal

This life we now share
It is no rehearsal,
It tastes all the real
Coming about to what
Is present, time and space,
Feeling every emotion
Reflecting on each face.
It is the highs and lows
The victories, compromise,
Those things we wish
We did not know, but must,
Whatever we allow,
What we jettison,
What touches us,
Whatever leaves,
All we hold and believe.
It matters, means, gives,
Takes; is more than seems,
There is no rehearsal,
No chance to go back
And hit all the marks,
We have to be live,
Alive is our one chance
So we offer the best
Or some approximation
To merit our approbation
And splendid continuation.



Inside the shell we
Buckle ourselves down, without
Any real insight,
But as we become quiet
Our thoughts distill into light.
Who we are is life
No fancy separations
Clear revelation.



Touching feels newborn
The sensitivity nerved
Within every cell
Mind reactive, all degrees,
Taking, giving what pleases,
Previously frozen
To needs long disregarded
Sheltered from impulse,
Coming alive to emotion
Hunger, overpowering desire.
Sampling the possible
Always doubted, untaken,
Made openly present
Changing every feeling,
Meaning, thought, belief,
Injecting confidence, clarity.

Cover was written first, Closeness second, and No Rehearsal last. Just doodling in words. I hope you are doing well. If you would like to follow the site there is a button, or simply come back as life allows. All comments are much appreciated.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan.

I did some site maintenance. I hope you like it. God Bless.

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