Alright Now…

Spoken unbroken
Words of truth, capture rapture,
Then friends fall away,
Too strange, much too different,
Experience doubtless lacks verity.
Tears fall, falling heart
No one knows the sounding down
Flesh rips loose apart
Another betrayal, break
Where life it takes, no mistake.
The knife flenses skin
Baring the muscle exposing
The gentle genuine
Heart where creativity
Works toward immunity
To heal, repair, restart, torn
Tissue and issue confidence
Enough to brave the plague
Trial by fire, forged anew
Sourcing love for a future
Unforeseen with those
Able to believe the incredible.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Be advised writing can become simply art with very little of my knowing why. I hope it is that way for everyone at times, but inspiration can be sourced beyond me.


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