– Wanting myself easy, I have come to avoid the fall, but LOVE can tackle a person out of nowhere. Roving, it takes lives captive, adding music, romance, conversation – only satisfied when everything changes.
– Maybe it stays, or maybe going, it takes everything.


Fear takes me over
I can hardly be, because,
doubt who is me.


Sometimes I feel LOST
As a plane uncontrolled in
Flight over ocean.


LOVE is all I know
The world, people, time, all things 
To be now, this life.


There are loose jottings like these in different places all through my spaces, and there are poems that, for some reason, fail to make it here. Often that is because I become afraid to present the whole of me. I do have a wee problem with paranoia. Sometimes though, I let the prancers dance out of their blinds. You get random access to the musings hidden between the discord in my mind.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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