Catalyst is a word I have always admired. Being a collector of words, it is a marvelous one.

I live alone with a Marvelous Monster Wookie and a Triple Trouble Tribble. You might guess where they got their renamings. There are abundant reasons for the adjectives before their names, but that is not the purpose of this missive. Be it here said, I love my dogs.

I should be sleeping, but sometimes things go unexpectedly awry. I was sitting in my bed with my knees propped on a pillow after walking almost 26,000 steps and doing about 45 minutes of weight work for my upper body, plus some aerobics during the day. I laid my tablet on which I was reading eBooks aside. I made the miscalculation of picking up my journal and an Apogee. At that juncture, all sleep plans fled to somewhere beyond Pluto.

I am most lovingly called, an Agent of Spiraling Chaos, by someone dear who has known me quite a while. There are reasons for this nickname. Maybe one being, I am incredibly unpredictable a large portion of the time.

I could have waited until daylight to get all this in the computer and on Haphazard Creative, where you may read it, but somehow that did not feel right. Thus, here we are, hang on, this is CATALYST. Hang in too, because this is a bit all over.

Spare me your pity
Life rises round, and I join
The blooming of days.


Lying here next to you
Only breaths separate us
Vibrant as a garden we are
Enough to embrace joint futures.


I would be the bridge
From the most desperate pain
To living again.


Though it is a war
I do not run from battle
Here, alive to win.
I celebrate, smile, laugh, grin,
Lick the depressions, reach zen.


What are you reading?
Which books do you recommend?
I have a list, deal?


Impossible is
Not in my vocabulary,
Miracles happen!


Describe your best dream,     (I will wait)
Now, make it your present goal,    (Time waits for no one)
Believe it, do it…      (You have the potential to do anything)
No excuses, you have lived    (Without your dream)
Beneath yourself much too long.      (You are beloved, you deserve happiness)


Failed beyond belief?
Stop digging the ditches now,
Plant all the flowers.


See, I told you, this needed to get here now. I know I would not have been given it, but there was a reason.

Serotonin and endorphins, not reading all the harmful toxicity of social media, music, which is medicine for the soul, reading excellent literature, and this is what I got. I am going to rest in my thought that it is exceptional.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan


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