Bubble Over

Sometimes there is nothing,
But if you hold on, keep going,
You may discover everything.
Life keeps right on giving
Amidst times both good and bad,
Love shows up unexpected
Bringing joy you never had.
Look for the happiness
Make it if you must, you have
Within you the wonder, the purpose,
To become whatever you wish.
Believe, never give up, you are
Strong enough to gather
All you need to change
Any situation, dare to capture
The courage residing in you
Make your dreams come true
Change the world that holds you.
Be bold, be brave, do not allow
Others to tell you who you are;
For only you, yourself has
The right and power to define you.
Your creativity, passion, love
Are what is needed now and always,
To lift lives and let others see
We, everyone, can be free.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Today it seems the words are most insistent. I cannot escape them; they keep coming strong. I have my doubts about them because they seem no audience to find, but I keep trying. Poets writing poems, it could be a thing. I make it mine anyway. I hope maybe with the post of this; I can pull away. I get tired of inciting no interest, and I have an abundance of other things; I should do. Usually, though, when the muse takes over, I lay everything aside and let what words come, that bubble up, from inside.

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