Life – Window Panes

The grass, sky, trees are
Without us freely growing,
Notice we rarely give to
What they might require,
They are and will always be.
What about creatures such as
Are we? Constantly complicating
Everything we are becoming
And who we were before;
Wanting, needing, asking more.

Dogs know life, it loves them,
Such diversity, specialization,
A wolf in all the lines, blood,
Hunger, thirst, making puppies,
Eliminating, sleeping to while away
Moments remembering tomorrow
With bright eyes, attentive ears, floppy,
Wagging tails, living life, dogs prevail.

Here we doubt all there is, even
What is not, we place puzzles to
Cause confusion, misinterpreting
The illusions we support as fact;
Looking forward, facing focused back.
No one knows because the power –
Within us is scaled down, rerouted,
To that which we cannot comprehend
Not visible, beyond the touch of hands.
Ideas espoused, but unreflected in
The materials arrayed before us;
The grass, sky, trees – integrity, love, life.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Create something commenting on life from diverse angles, brought together in completion.

That Will Do…

Ladies and gentlemen, this is notice. I cannot continue gaining the weight I already once lost. As someone told me when I said I was having problems bingeing, “That is not you.”

He is correct. I know how to do this, so I got my gear out, put on my tough suit, and started toward where I must be.

Working with weights on gives an extra special burn. Pain, yeah, going to rock it to the prize.

On antipsychotics and antidepressants, it is difficult to avoid weight gain. They are drugs that cause it. I have even lost a considerable amount in opposition to the prescriptions before. I have not gained back to where I was when my journey started in 2013, but if I do not take action, I will. My appetite never lets up, it hounds me 24/7/365, but I, I am stronger than my urges. I will succeed at this again.

I am a tremble with fear and hope, but is it not always like that when we run up against the impossible and choose to conquer it?

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Haiku In My Quiver

This ocean into
Which I wade slowly, swallows
My fear, in its love.

I accept I am
Written differently than
Those average most.

Death, we avoid it,
But in the air, food, water,
We taste it, consume.

The calendar turns
Another time dated, gone,
Life passing – away.

The light rises bright
But only a thimbleful
Against Autumn night.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I will believe these challenges are only a small inconvenience given to produce determination and strength. Will you believe you are destined to succeed in abundance? I can only do so, else hope evaporates.

Use Your Words

When we are upset
The best thing to be done is
For us to use words
Communication is key
To get all the things we need.
Better not resort
To violence and destruction,
Working situations out
Discussion is a better option,
Which brings stronger resolutions.
Putting words on paper or screen
Can be a valuable tool
Letting us approach
Discovering our concrete ideas.
Using our words
Never indicates weakness
But shows intelligence and strength
Because choosing devastation
Is often a more straightforward solution
Formulating a plan
To progress in creativity,
Building the present, ushering in
The future by making
The riskier effort to implement change.
Words build us up,
Encourage and inspire
To conquer difficulties
Eroding mountains of opposition
Into crowds of consolation
Where positivity can overcome
The landslide of negativity
Directed toward each of us
It all began with the Word,
We withstand pain, trouble,
With carefully chosen words
That defend and guard us,
From what would harm us.
We do well to employ
To do what seems too high
A hope, too large a dream,
A huge impossibility,
Because words have power
To change the world, reality.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan