Festive Preoccupation

It was a difficult time for most, worse for other ones. I struggled with pain and attitude. Rummaged, through my mind for what I might do, came up with a solution. The trick will be if I continue to completion.

I have not done a major mailing of cards since 2010. Then I did so many I have left it be until now. I went to my stash and brought out a plethora of boxes with a variety of Christmas Cards.

The reason I went so long since the last mailing is my personalizations. I use the blank inside page to write a message tailored to my recipient.

2020 is an incredible year. It has been full of fear and unease. Maybe a card will be a welcome diversion. I know writing each one will consume me for a bit.

As a prompt, I encourage you, especially if you feel awash with negativity, to extend your creativity to writing cards or letters to those for whom you care. You need not go to extreme expense; just let others know you care in your own words.

Thank you for visiting Haphazard Creative. If you would like, follow the site; or come back as time and inclination permit.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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