Language Lingers

Each word a missile
Launched separate, from souls
Who need expression
For nurture – promoting growth,
Creating beauty,
Encouraging resilience,
Openness, acceptance, willingness
To stay with situations long enough,
To understand the lessons life teaches,
Among the joys and sufferings
Brought with laughter, smiles, tears.
No dream too lofty, no hope sparse,
Unreal; all in proper time revealed,
The love sought becomes the blessing,
Arriving unexpectedly when there
Exists longing to give and care
Beyond the desire to acquire and keep,
Meeting the needs of the creature,
With gifts of loving, precious sweet.
Whispered wisps bubbling from hearts
Communicating what is known
Gathered close-in like building stones
Stable, fierce and yet, trilling song
Lines well-written made to stand,
Against the ravages of time, again.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Create something to celebrate the meaning of language, visual or verbal.

The days that might have destroyed me, forever, did not.
I finished a book today.
Writing is medicine to mend wounds, create scars.
I rested.
I wrote a lot during this day.

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May blessings follow and find you in all places and things.

All Material © Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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