Open Means

Fossil shelved on a wall,
Chalk in a blackboard tray,
Words erased away
Silent, unspoken things,
Feelings never portrayed in
Hope of improved days.
Kept knowledge, injuries
May cause, then transcend,
Mend, as a particle
Lodged in oyster flesh
Will with time, aggravation
Transform to become
A beautiful, costly gem.
Seeds planted in soil
Will, having attentive care
Grow into sustaining
Fruits and vegetables
Which feed bodies,
The shelters of souls
Exhibiting various roles.
Water cascading from
Falls of monumental height
With force, tremendous roar;
Hearts dare to share all
Offering love often unrequited.
Flesh only, reflecting God
Who gifted creativity, with breath,
Enough to build ethereal bridges
Covered to secure hope from
Damage as we evolve toward
Extensive Love and Freedom.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

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