So, here we begin
Our reasons debatable,
Hopeful dreams contested.
A sky alight with lightning
Thunder roaring, we aghast;
As crystal rain puddles
Small lakes upon the ground.
Did we ask too much
In wanting hands to hold?
Desiring to revoke such
Time as we spent alone,
Dispelling shadows with
Silver ringing laughter;
Giving away lucid smiles
To those who witnessed
The alluring music of shared joy.
Life creates constructions
Of hearts battered, broken,
Forging them anew together
With an abundant adhesive
Of generously given LOVE.

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Downed Tree
© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Let And Be

Pulling at the end, unraveled,
A constant game, Keep Away,
But idle hands may stray.
The story never complete
Until one embraces rash defeat.
Pushing, with eyes open upon
What may change it all, eternally;
Turning, arising, once and again
Stating, “Life is unfinished.”

© Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

Prompt: Create something from the prospect you would like to encounter.

I am here.
The dogs are with me.
Books enlighten and advise me.
Writing is nature.
Friends melt the freezing of my heart.

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Go with God.

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